Singer/Songwriter Sonia Leigh: “My Sexuality Has No Bearing on My Vocation”

Singer/Songwriter Sonia Leigh: “My Sexuality Has No Bearing on My Vocation”

The landmark June 26 Supreme Court ruling on marriage is one of those decisions with some far-reaching implications for states and the people in them, so calling it a hot topic right now is quite an understatement.

It’s a topic that has reached its way into the long-conservative domain of country music, as artists like Chely Wright, Ty Herndon and Billy Gilman make the decision to publicly come out. Now, singer/songwriter Sonia Leigh, who hit the country charts with her 2011 single “My Name Is Money,” has her own announcement.

In a passionate op-ed for The Gay UK (penned while she was playing some shows overseas), Sonia writes that she resists labeling as anything other than a musician but has loved both women and men throughout her life.


“I am a person who follows my heart,” she writes. “When I fall in love I let myself and will always let myself love who my heart tells me to.”

Sonia goes on to discuss the way the debate over sexuality is intersecting with country music and its fans, noting that it seems to matter less to the generation growing up now than the one previous. Many people in positions of power still hold opposing views, of course, but she sees a change coming.

“Your sons, daughters, and grand children have and are growing up with, going to school with, making best friends with, played sports with, and even gone to church with, people who are not what YOU consider normal,” says Sonia.

Whether because no one ever asked or some other reason, Sonia never really felt the need to discuss her sexuality until now but says she never felt any discrimination from people who suspected or knew. “Maybe I am the ‘Ellen’ of country,” she jokes.

As for what may quell the often-rancorous discussion on the subject, Sonia thinks, simply, exposure to new ideas and shifting focus back to the music.

“Lets open the doors and let some music in and celebrate life together. Thats what its really about in the end,” she says. “Not numbers, hit records and money. Its about living life to the fullest and connecting with each other while we are given this gift of life!”

Most recently, Sonia released the single “When We Are Alone,” and you can see the video below. Catch her on tour July 17 at Northwoods Stampede Music Festival in Phillips, Wis.

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