American Idol 2016: Kelly Clarkson Made Me Cry, La’Porsha Owned the Stage

American Idol 2016: Kelly Clarkson Made Me Cry, La’Porsha Owned the Stage

THE QUEEN WAS BACK!! Y’all . . . I’m still trying to collect myself after that final performance from Kelly Clarkson. “Piece by Piece” was just . . . OMG.

I’m speechless, and crying. It’s not a cute cry either, full on ugly cry. SO. MUCH. YES.

It was an emotional night, nostalgia to the max, amazing performances and within the first 5 minutes some MAJOR cuts. Four people were gone just like that, and the final American Idol Top 10 was revealed!

Mind you, only ONE country artist—Tristan McIntosh—made the cut, and she did NOT bring it tonight. Like, not AT ALL.

Love her, but WHAT HAPPENED?!?

You guys, I’m really sad that we only have one country artist. That’s a lot of pressure for a 16-year-old.

However, my heart still tells me Trent is leaning our way, so fingers crossed.

My pick of the night: L’Porsha Ranae

Um, Hello. How could it not be L’Porsha Ranae?


In fact, I think I might have picked her performance solely based on Kelly’s reaction. I had so much fun watching Kelly lose her mind. I’m not usually a huge fan of endless runs, but she OWNED that stage.

My real takeaway from this episode

Let’s just have Kel Kel be a judge all the time. Yes? Yes.

(BTW—in my head Kelly Clarkson and I are best friends, and I call her Kel Kel.)

Top 10

  • Dalton Rapattoni
  • Olivia Rox
  • Trent Harmon
  • L’Porsha Ranae
  • Mackenzie Bourg
  • Sonika Vaid
  • Lee Jean
  • Avalon Young
  • Gianna Isabella
  • Tristan McIntosh

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