Chris Carmack From ABC’s “Nashville”

Chris Carmack From ABC’s “Nashville”

Lisa, Jim and Chris talk with actor and musician Chris Carmack from ABC’s Nashville about portraying Will Lexington on TV and not responding to that name in real life.

Show Participants

  • Chris Carmack
  • Lisa Konicki, Editor in Chief
  • Jim Casey, Managing Editor
  • Chris Parton, Deputy Editor

Chris talks about the differences between him and the character he portrays on TV, his recent engagement to musician and actor Erin Slaver, what to look forward to in the new season of Nashville, his recently released EP, Pieces of You, and his love for music.

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Show Quotes

  • “Usually if somebody is calling me ‘Will’ I don’t want to be in the conversation anyway.” Chris Carmack
  • “The [day after the successful audition] I was recording a song with T. Bone Burnett at his studio and the following day I was flying to Nashville. It all happened very quickly.” Chris Carmack
  • “I drove out [to Nashville] in my Jetta with all of my belongings.” Chris Carmack
  • “I am an actor in Hollywood, so [ . . . ] before I was [portraying] Will, people just assumed I was gay and now they actually ask.” Chris Carmack
  • “The engagement plans were so stressful that we’re just taking a little break!” Chris Carmack
  • “She said ‘yes’ right away? No hesitation?” Jim Casey
    “There was a look in her eye that scared me for a moment, but she came around.” Chris Carmack
  • “Which do you think is more dramatic, The O.C. or Nashville?” Chris Parton

NASH Country Weekly, Writers Room, with Chuck Wicks, ca. 2016 cr. Carissa Riccardi

The Writers Room, Ep. 9, 34 minutes

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