American Idol 2016: Carrie Underwood Inspires, Trent Harmon Wins

American Idol 2016: Carrie Underwood Inspires, Trent Harmon Wins

And just like that .  . . we now live in a world without American Idol! Or as Ryan Seacrest said, “For now.”

Keith Urban stopped by Nash Nights Live several months ago and mentioned that the show would most likely be picked up by another network, maybe Hulu or something, so there’s that.

Guys, help me out here. Were my expectations too high? I really didn’t think the show was very good. I mean, there were exciting moments like when the original judges showed up! But when the most talked about moments are Sanjaya’s different wigs and William Hung returning, well, there’s a problem.



Carrie Still Blows Us Away

However, can we just talk about how hard Carrie Underwood SLAYED?!? She did 2 songs and I’m still in awe.

P.S. where can I get that outfit she performed in with Keith Urban?! I have no idea where I’d wear it, but I just want to know that it’s in my closet . . . waiting for me.

Oh, Hi Brian Dunkleman!


A Big, Hot, Hokey Medley Mess

Aside from that, there were SO many awkward moments, it felt so slammed together. And that country medley – NO, just NO. My co-host Shawn Parr and I were talking about how hokey they made it. All the other genre performances were big ’ol productions and had beautifully matched wardrobes. Country was a hot mess and all over the place. What happened?!

OK – now it’s time –


If you’ve been reading my recaps the last couple weeks, you know I’m totally team Trent! I just couldn’t be any more excited for him! He totally and completely deserves it. He worked SO hard, and was just the sweetest.

One thing we’ve learned: if you get mono and can get out of doing the dreaded “Group Performances” during Hollywood week, you can definitely win this show.

Now get to work, Trent, we want an album!


Thank you guys so much for watching with me and Nash Country Weekly during the Farewell Season of American Idol! I had a blast, and I hope we made ya smile 😀

Bye American Idol—for now!

Same Keith. SAME.

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