American Idol 2016: One Last Episode Left

American Idol 2016: One Last Episode Left

Only one episode left! The tissues are on standby, and I’m actually getting really sad (yet again)! All the feels!! And tomorrow is going to be even more intense.

The Final Top 2 – Here We Go!

  • La’Porsha Renae
  • Trent Harmon

Ok, so judging by the vibe of the show and social media, I think La’Porsha Renae is going to take the final title.

However, I’m sticking with Team Trent, and here’s why: I get that La’Porsha has an amazing voice, no one is arguing that. But that soulful powerful sound . . . we’ve all heard it before. It doesn’t make it BAD, it just doesn’t excite me.

Trent Harmon’s voice is so different and so inspiring to me. I just can’t deny rooting for him.

PLUS, every time we talk with Idol mentor Scott Borchetta on Nash Nights Live, he mentions how Trent is really the only contestant who has treated this competition like a job. There is something that I really respect about that, AND it gives me faith that we can have another superstar idol like Kelly or Carrie, instead of flash-in-the-pan.

Oh! And then, I was super-bummed to see my QUEEN, Kelly Clarkson, tweet this out:

And all hope was lost for Trent.

Alright, not ALL hope. But come on Kelly! We all know Trent he’s going country! Let’s get this boy the title!

I loved that original song “Falling,” it was kind of Thomas Rhett-ish, which I am all about.

By the way, the song was written by Keith Urban (who was singing along) and two of Nashville’s most successful songwriters—Dallas Davidson and Brett James. And another interesting fact: If La’Porsha wins, Scott says that he has a partnership in place with Universal’s Motown label, she’ll become the first BigMachine/Motown artist.

So, I went online. I did that stupid Google Vote thing. Texted. Whatever.

Y’all, I made my voice heard for Trent Harmon. I spent like 10 whole minutes doing it, so, you know . . . he better win.

And in honor of Seacrest bringing his catchphrase back . . . Elaina Out!


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