Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott on the “Most Unexpected Blessing” of Motherhood

Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott on the “Most Unexpected Blessing” of Motherhood

Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott and husband Chris Tyrell (Lady A’s drummer) welcomed the birth of their daughter, Eisele, in July 2013. The toddler soon joined mom and dad on the road for Lady A’s 2014 Take Me Downtown Tour and 2015 Wheels Up Tour, and she became a very camera-friendly addition to Hillary’s social media accounts. As Hillary celebrates her third Mother’s Day this year, Nash Country Daily sat down with the proud mama to talk about her little bundle of joy.

Now that Eisele is almost 3 years old, can you tell if she has a talent for singing?

She’s definitely interested in music, and she’s interested in a lot of other things. I will say—and not to sound like an overly proud mother—but she has pitch. She can find pitch and tone and she’s very good at mimicking what we do with our voices, because my husband can sing, too. He doesn’t very often, but he can. So Eisele is just kind of in that mimicking stage, and she sings every Disney and Pixar song you can imagine. The Disney Princess CD is in our car, and she picks her moments. It’s not like she’s just belting out songs all the time. She’s selective with her performances [laughing].

What are some of your favorite things to do together?

She is starting to really love—and has been interested in this for a while—to pretend a lot. Her imagination is on overdrive right now, and she’s fascinated with applying makeup. We talk about, “OK, now you put foundation on and then there is concealer under your eyes,” and she says, “Mommy, what does that do?” “It makes Mommy not look tired and then you do your eyebrows.” She calls ChapStick, ChapSmick, so that’s the one thing we actually let her put on and we play pretend. She’s also got a kitchen. She’s in a very domestic phase. Last night she was taking our order, going around the table asking, “What would you like?” We were having chicken kabobs on the grill and she says “chicken for Bob” and acting like she was writing it down. I ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, and she says hairdresser, a doctor, a ballerina, a dancer.

Would you discourage her if she wanted to pursue music?

"I posted a picture of EK at the @opry earlier today, but this one makes me truly wonder if God created her with the same love for music that He created in her daddy and I...I look at this picture and can't help but feel like she gets it. Her expression is how I and probably every other artist feels when they have the honor to step on that stage. Today was special on so many levels." 10/11/2014 Posted after Lady ANtebellum performed at teh Grand Ole Opry's 89th anniversary concert. cr. courtesy Hillary Scott INstagram FREE
Eisele on the famed circle of the Grand Ole Opry.

Not at all, no. I’m so thankful my parents didn’t discourage me. They definitely tried to guide me into getting a degree in something that you could fall back on, which I of course didn’t do [lauging]. But for Eisele, if that’s what she wants and if that’s what she feels like she was put on this earth to do, I’d fully support it. Ultimately my hope for her is that she finds what she feels and knows in her soul that she was meant to do and does that.

Describe your perfect Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day would start with sleeping in and being able to have just a couple of hours to just kind of have a cup of coffee. You know, a quiet morning alone, but then definitely a family afternoon/evening, movie night with popcorn, probably watching Madagascar or something. So it would start out with some good sleep and then some good coffee and the peace and quiet to read or do whatever and then end with family time.

What is the hardest part of being a mom?

Posted to Hillary Scott's Instagram 1/10/2014 ""LET'S DO THIS THING, MOM! I'M READY!!" #TakeMeDowntownTour #1stShow #Peoria" Lady Antebellum, baby, daughter, family, Eisele, Take Me Downtown Tour 2014 cr. courtesy Hillary Scott Instagram FREE
Eisele supporting Lady A’s Take Me Downtown Tour in 2014.

Oh gosh! Discipline is hard. My husband has way more patience than I do, and I passed on the stubborn bone to Eisele. I think seeing the parts of myself—that I wish weren’t that way—in her is the hardest part [laughing]. Going, “Man, I thought that would just skip through.” But no, the consistency of discipline is definitely an ever-evolving challenge, and we’re in the throes of potty training right now, which is pretty challenging.

What is your favorite thing about being a mom?

I didn’t realize—this is going to sound selfish, but I don’t mean it that way—I never realized how comforting being a mom would be. My daughter, there’s nothing more peaceful, and it was like this when she was a newborn, but now as she’s getting older, there’s nothing more peaceful than holding a newborn baby when they are sleeping. Crying is another story, but when they’re just at rest and calm, you can’t think about another thing in the whole world other than what your holding—this beautiful baby—and now that she’s older, it’s still the same thing. There are moments when there’s no one else on the whole earth that can comfort me like she can. It’s just the way that she just grabs my hand—my mom does it, I do it, my mom’s mom did it, where she’s holding your hand and her thumb will run over your hand. She does that innately, and that is the most comforting thing in the whole world. What she is for me has been the most unexpected blessing.

photos courtesy of Hillary Scott

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