Who’s New: Michaela Anne

Who’s New: Michaela Anne

Current Home: Nashville
Current Single: “Everything I Couldn’t Be”
Influences: Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt, Lucinda Williams, Dolly Parton, Rodney Crowell

In Brief

The daughter of a military man, Michaela Anne grew up on naval bases around the world and was influenced by wide-ranging musical genres during her nomadic upbringing. While working at a record label in Brooklyn, N.Y., she decided to pursue an artist career full-time. Bright Lights and the Fame marks her third solo release and features co-writes with Grammy-nominated Dave Brainard as well as vocals from Grammy-winner Rodney Crowell on “Luisa.”

Power in Numbers

Michaela Anne album Bright Lights and the FameBright Lights and the Fame is a lot more well-rounded than my past records because of all the co-writing. Writing with other people helped bring out certain sides of my writing that you can’t do on your own. The greatest thing about co-writing is that it breaks you of your habits. In some ways, there’s much more of me represented through stories that might not be so obviously my stories. Songs like ‘Liquor Up’ and ‘Bright Lights’ are a little more upbeat and fun where my other records were much more introspective and self-reflective.”

Remember Me

“Rodney [Crowell] is one of those songwriters that I came to connect his name to his songs a little later. I’ve discovered that I’ve loved his songs for so long but only in recent years put it together. On so many songs, I’ll look up to see who the writer is and it always turns out to be Rodney. On Tim McGraw’s 1999 record A Place in the Sun, the song ‘Please Remember Me’ that Rodney wrote, I wrote those lyrics in my journal over and over again when I was in 7th and 8th grade. I was moving to Europe from Seattle and leaving all my friends behind and dedicated that song to them in our school newspaper. My favorite song, ‘Ashes by Now’ on the Lee Ann Womack record from the early 2000s, that’s a Rodney song. There’s so many. I admire him so much, so for him to sing on the record was a dream come true.”

Finding Her Place

MichaelaAnne-Photo4-AngelinaCastillo_334_500_s“I don’t know where my music will fit because it doesn’t sound like anything that’s on the radio. But, I do think there’s a shift where people are being more receptive to music that is a little more old country rooted or rock rooted. This record is really inspired by California country. It probably would have fit better on 1970s radio than 2016. My hope is that it will find a place to fit in the same way that Chris Stapleton has and Kacey Musgraves and hopefully now Margo Price. I think there is some room being created for a little more unique sound. What keeps me going is that the artists that I love and the careers that I love are artists who didn’t necessarily change to fit with the times, who didn’t change their music to fit what was on the radio but stayed their course.”

photos courtesy Angelina Castillo

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