Mother’s Day Special: Dolly Parton and Other Stars Share Advice From Mom

Mother’s Day Special: Dolly Parton and Other Stars Share Advice From Mom

You’re never to old to take some good ole fashion advice from your mother. After all, mama always knows best. In honor of Mother’s Day on May 8, we asked some of your favorite country stars to share the great advice they got from dear ole mom and to pick a word that best describes that matriarch in their lives. Here’s what they had to say:

Dolly Parton "Home" videoscreen shot from videoFREEDolly Parton

Mom’s advice: “Believe in yourself, trust God and vice versa.”

One word to describe mom: “Precious.”



Martina McBride PR photo, ca. 2016. cr. Joseph Llanes/True PR FREE

Martina McBride

Mom’s advice: “My mom always said to be careful about your reputation. People are watching and your behavior reflects on your family.”

One word to describe mom: “Strong”

Jana KramerJana Kramer
Mom’s advice: “Never let anyone take your light away.”

One word to describe mom: “Genuine”



Montgomery Gentry, ca. 2015 cr. Kristin Barlowe/Shore Fire Media FREETroy Gentry of Montgomery Gentry
Mom’s advice: “My mother loved to sing and was very artistic. She knew how important singing was to me, so she just told me to follow my dreams. That was her advice—just go for it.”

One word to describe mom: “Blessing”


Lorrie Morgan, ca. 2015 courtesy Webster PR FREELorrie Morgan
Mom’s advice: “Never give up. I ignored this for many years, but later in life I have realized just how important that advice was and wish I would have listened sooner.”

One word to describe mom: “Saintly”

Watch Lorrie Morgan tell America’s Morning Show’s Kelly Ford, her story about mom:


Kenny Rogers PR photo, ca. 2015. cr. Piper Ferguson/Webster PR FREE

Kenny Rogers

Mom’s advice: “Son, be happy where you are. Never be content to be there, but if you’re not happy where you are, you will never be happy.”

One word to describe mom: “Wise”


Justin Moore
Mom’s advice: “The best advice my mom ever gave me was that I could achieve anything I put my mind to. I know it sounds cliché, but I would never be where I am in my career if it weren’t for her saying that to me.”

One word to describe mom: “Honest”


Bill Anderson, ca. 2016 cr. David Bailey/Webster PR FREEBill Anderson
Mom’s advice: “She wrote me a letter early in my career that I keep in my desk to this day. She said, ‘I know you are all wrapped up in what you are doing, but please don’t forget that your talents are a gift from God. Take time every day to be grateful and thankful.’”

One word to describe mom: “Giving”


 Richard Sterban of The Oak Ridge Boys
Mom’s advice: “My mother always told me to work hard, be honest and most important, always trust in the Lord.”

One word to describe mom: “Mom”


Charlie Daniels 1/2013 courtesy Webster PR FREECharlie Daniels
Mom’s advice: “Always tell the truth.”

One word to describe mom: “Momma. That says it all.”



Maggie Rose PR photo, ca. 2016. cr. Dusty Barker/Shore Fire Media FREEMaggie Rose
Mom’s advice: “She told me to make music for myself and speak my truth and my heart with no regard to what others think. I think she can advise me that way so confidently because she knows my truth and my heart. I can always feel how proud she is of me.”

One word to describe mom: “Warm”


Drew Baldridge PR photo, ca. 2016 cr. Russ Harrington/Shore Fire Media FREEDrew Baldridge
Mom’s advice: “Always pray for anything and everything!”

One word to describe mom: “Loving”


Leah Turner, ca. 2013 cr. courtesy Sony Music Nashville FREELeah Turner
Mom’s advice: “You are one of a kind, so be you!”

One word to describe mom: “Strong”



Janie Fricke 1/2012 courtesy Webster PR FREEJanie Fricke
Mom’s advice: “The best advice she gave was that there is a reason for everything. And now, I realize that is true.”

One word to describe mom: “Incredible”


Photography by: Jake HarshChris Lucas of LOCASH
Mom’s advice: “Always listen to your heart.”

One word to describe mom: “Dedicated”



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Chris Young Earns 3 CMA Award Nominations

Chris Young Earns 3 CMA Award Nominations

Congrats to Chris Young who is a 3-time CMA Award nominee this year.

His song “Famous Friends”, which he sings with Kane Brown, racked up nominations in the categories of Single, Musical Event, and Video of the Year.

Talking about his nominations, Chris says “I was blown away by the fact that there were three award nominations for the song. I mean, there’s so much that’s gone into it and so many people that have fallen in love with it and supported it and, you know, just having a hit with your friend in the first place is great with a song like “Famous Friends” with my buddy Kane Brown, but then to be nominated for three different CMA Awards, including Single of the Year. It’s just incredible.”

Chris, Kane and all the other nominees will learn if they’re taking home trophies, when the 55th Annual CMA Awards are handed out in Nashville on Wednesday November 10 – broadcasted live on ABC.

Photo Credit: Jeff Johnson