Behind The Ink: Lorrie Morgan Gets Brand New Tattoo

Behind The Ink: Lorrie Morgan Gets Brand New Tattoo

Lorrie TatLorrie Morgan’s latest solo album, Letting Go…Slow, isn’t the only new project near and dear to her heart. The “Watch Me” singer recently got inked with her fourth and biggest tattoo yet.

The new addition runs down the inside of her forearm and is a rendering of “a treble clef with a bunch of music notes.” “I want to have fun, I want people to see the other side of me,” she tells Nash Country Daily, calling from her home in Nashville.

But the ink has barely dried on the new tattoo and Lorrie is jonesing for a new one. “The thing about tattoos, to me, is that they’re addicting,” she says. “You get ’em and if you do them right and you place them in the right place, you want another one.”

“My first one I got in Panama City. It’s a cross on my ankle with rosary beads hanging on it. It’s very small because it was my first test to see if I liked it. I wanted something that meant something. I didn’t want to put something stupid on there. I wanted something that really meant something to me, which is my religion, my Rosary and Catholicism.

“I found the treble clef on a picture and he put it on. He, is Josh Harrison and he’s very talented. He’s a friend of my sons and that’s how I met him. He just happened to be a tattoo artist. He’s really, really a good artist, very light handed. You wouldn’t know it from my pictures of me crying (laughs). Hell, it hurt but you know what, I didn’t shed a tear.”


“It’s music. My religion, my music and my family mean so much. It has something to do with music and that’s what I wanted. I wanted something that represents my life and not like Bugs Bunny or something that I’d regret one day. I’ve always been told to never put the name of the person you love on your body because that’s the doom of the relationship.”

“I want another one. I know where I want it, but I don’t know what I want. I think I want it on the back of my neck. I wear my hair up a lot and while it’s short, it shows back there. You can always cover that up. It can always be covered up with a collar or something. And it might be something a little more in-depth.”

And what does Lorrie’s mom think of the ink her daughter is sporting? “Mom, she’s 85, always used to say, ‘now what are you going to do with those when you’re my age.’ I’d say, ‘I’m going to show my grandkids and I’m gonna say ‘this is what granny did when granny was dumb and stupid (laughs).’”

photo courtesy Lorrie Morgan

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