New Trio Runaway June Brings Awareness to Fight Against Cancer

New Trio Runaway June Brings Awareness to Fight Against Cancer

Naomi Cook, Hannah Mulholland and Jennifer Wayne—the three ladies of new trio Runaway June—not only released their debut single, “Lipstick,” on Monday (May 23), but they also have teamed up with the John Wayne Cancer Foundation and the #ShowYourGrit campaign to bring awareness to the fight against cancer. Jennifer Wayne, granddaughter of legendary actor John Wayne, finds the cause and campaign near and dear to her heart.

“My grandfather had lung cancer and he beat lung cancer, but then he ended up dying of stomach cancer 15 years later,” she tells Nash Country Daily.” In those 15 years, he was really an advocate for helping people find a cure for cancer, so my family started the John Wayne Cancer Foundation.”

The JWCF funds innovative programs that improve cancer patients’ outcomes and save lives through research, education, awareness and support. The #ShowYourGrit campaign was created to raise money and awareness in the foundation’s fight against cancer.

“Starting May 26, which is my grandpa’s birthday, until Father’s Day [June 19], the JWCF is doing a campaign called #ShowYourGrit,” Jennifer says. “You can go to your social media sites and post a selfie with the hashtag ShowYourGrit and tag [the address] @joinjohnwayne. For every hashtag used, a partner will donate $1 to the John Wayne Cancer Foundation. So say 100,000 people hashtag ShowYourGrit, then they’ll donate $100,000.”

Every uploaded photo using #ShowYourGrit means $1 for the John Wayne Cancer Foundation. “They want you to use a modern cowboy theme, like a cowboy hat or cute cowgirl boots, take a picture with anything you have that’s cowboyish and post the photo with the hashtag ShowYourGrit. May 26 is officially designated John Wayne Day in a few different cities and states, and we, as a family, feel that kicking off the campaign on his birthday is a great way to honor his legacy while continuing to give back.”

If you’d like further information on the campaign or to donate, you can go directly to the campaign site here.


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Photo Credit: Daniel Meigs