Who’s New: Post Monroe

Who’s New: Post Monroe

Members: Whitney Duncan, Ashlee Hewitt, Shelby McLeod

Current Single: “Red Hot American Summer”

Current EP: Post Monroe

Inside Scoop: Describing their sound as “organic” and “rootsy,” these three ladies, with diverse backgrounds and beautiful harmonies, make up the new trio Post Monroe. Their self-titled EP is available now on iTunes along with their debut single, “Red Hot American Summer,” co-written by Whitney, Ashlee, Shelby and Blair Daly.

Post_Monroe_EP_CoverASHLEE: “I actually had [the name Post Monroe] for a long time, probably six or seven years before I really knew that I would use it someday, but I had a dream to use it. I always wanted to start a girl band. I actually heard somebody describe a fashion style as post-Marilyn. They’re like ‘oh, that is very post-Marilyn.’ And so Post Monroe came about. I went and blocked all the socials and we started using it.”

ASHLEE: “I knew really young that I wanted to do music. Around 3 or 4 I started singing. I got a band together when I was about 13. I started playing guitar and just toured throughout high school. I home schooled so I could be on the road and I moved to Nashville when I was 18.”
WHITNEY: “Similar. I started singing when I was 3 or 4. I was obsessed with Elvis, I just wanted to be Elvis. I started performing everywhere I could, from church to fairs and festivals, anywhere I could convince my parents to take me. Then I started coming to Nashville when I was 15. I got my first publishing deal when I was 17 with Big Picture and here I am.”
SHELBY: “My story is a little different than them. I grew up singing in church and singing with my dad, he’s super musical. I just started out in church and got involved in musical theater. Then I went to UGA [University of Georgia] and got my degree. Then I moved here and somehow made a blind call to Starstruck [Reba McEntire’s music company] and started working for Reba. Just the typical Nashville story—right place, right time. I worked for her for a few years and I was writing on the side. I met Whitney at Starstruck and we hit it off.”

“We are all on the same page about the best song wins, always. Whether someone’s a writer on it or not—if it’s speaking to us then it makes it.”
WHITNEY: “We write together a lot. Pretty much all the time now. I had written “Hell on Me” before we were together. I had played that song for [Shelby and Ashlee] and we kind of worked it up and it just fit so well. I think the song’s just got to speak to us all no matter who wrote it.”

SHELBY: “We have a little therapy session every morning. Somebody’s always got something.”
WHITNEY: “Shelby’s single, so she’s normally got some kind of guy drama. Ashlee and I are both married. I do think that’s why we speak to a lot of different ages and women. We’re all kind of in different places. Ashlee’s got a little boy. I’m married and have a dog [Duke] that I love deeply. And Shelby’s single, so she brings in the good dating stories.”

WHITNEY, a Tennessee native, was on the reality show Survivor: South Pacific, where she met her husband, Keith Tollefson. The two also appeared on The Amazing Race together.
SHELBY, a Georgia native, graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in communications and worked at Reba McEntire’s Starstruck company when she moved to Nashville.
ASHLEE, a Minnesota native, is one of 10 biological children. She is married to Jessie Keith Whitley, the son of Lorrie Morgan and Keith Whitley, and they have a 3-year-old son, Tuff.

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