Blake Shelton Reveals “I Don’t Have Any Secrets” at Hall of Fame Exhibit Press Conference

Blake Shelton Reveals “I Don’t Have Any Secrets” at Hall of Fame Exhibit Press Conference

Blake Shelton treated a small crowd of industry insiders to a special viewing of his Country Music Hall of Fame exhibit, Blake Shelton: Based on a True Story, on Monday afternoon (June 6).

Admittedly, having his own exhibit at the Hall of Fame is a bit overwhelming for Blake. The sexy singer has put his life on display but said during the press conference that he has nothing to hide when it comes to the media reporting on his life.

“I don’t have one single secret,” Blake revealed. “I walk out of my house with my head held high everyday. I don’t have any land mines I have to avoid or anything. I’m not ashamed of anything. So the fact that they [tabloids] want to report on my life, dig into it, get after it, have a field day and see what you can dig up.”

And digging up is exactly what needed to be done to access some of Blake’s personal affects for the exhibit. He admits he was not good at holding on to many of the keepsakes throughout his career. “I’m the opposite of a pack rat. The trouble with this exhibit, I mean to be totally honest with you, obviously I kept up with trophies and awards and things like that, but the really cool sentimental things that I should have kept a long the way—now that I’m getting older it sucks to know that there are things that I didn’t hang on to or gave them away because I didn’t want to keep them or they were just clutter.”

Blake Shelton: Based on a True Story exhibit contains many of Blake’s personal items as well as trophies, stage clothing and a life-size replica of The Voice chair he currently occupies as judge of the popular NBC show.  Fans can take a peek at Blake’s knife collection, the first royalty check he received in 1998, his monthly planner for July 1998 and a notepad in which he wrote his first song, “That Girl Made a Fool Out of Me,” after a high school crush broke his heart.

“I can’t believe that I kept that. I literally can’t believe it. I remember having that little notepad and thinking anytime I want to write a song I’d put it in there. There’s a couple of other ideas and half written songs in it . When I flipped through it, I saw that one and thought, ‘Oh man, I gotta put this in the exhibit for you guys.’ That’s the most impressive thing for me, that I was able to keep up with. I don’t even have the first guitar that I bought. The one I worked all summer to buy. I don’t have that, but I have this Post-It note thing that has my first song. So I’m very proud of myself for whatever reason keeping up with that thing. ”

Blake later took a moment to reflect on the idea of having his very own space in the Country Music Hall of Fame. “It’s unbelievable that I have an exhibit that exists with all this history. This is the foundation and every generation lays another level to the foundation of country music. We all have our way of putting a stamp on it. This is so crazy to me to be a part of this building. To have something like this, it’s crazy.”

Blake Shelton: Based on a True Story runs through November 2016.


photos and video by Lisa Konicki

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