Thompson Square Talks the Joys of Parenthood, Motorcycle Wrecks & New Single, “You Make It Look So Good”

Thompson Square Talks the Joys of Parenthood, Motorcycle Wrecks & New Single, “You Make It Look So Good”

Husband and wife Keifer and Shawna Thompson of country duo Thompson Square have not only been busy raising their brand-new bouncing baby boy, but they are also raising a brand-new single, the first from their upcoming album.

The new single, “You Make It Look So Good,” wasn’t one they wrote, but it came along at an opportune time, after their previous single, “Trans Am,” failed to gain any traction at country radio. “Honestly, I think now whatever song doesn’t work, there’s a reason for all that stuff. If it would have worked, maybe we wouldn’t have found this song.”

Married 17 years, the duo celebrated the birth of their firstborn son, Rigney Cooper Thompson, in January 2016. “That name—Rigney—was actually my grandmother’s maiden name,” Shawna tells Nash Country Daily. “It was super different and I’d never heard it anywhere else before.”

“We just call him Cooper,” Keifer interjects with a laugh. “It’s just easier. It’s your job as a parent to name a kid something they can’t pronounce.”

The proud parents showed off their now 4-month-old son, Cooper, in a home movie video they released for the single.


Since having their baby boy, songs like “You Make It Look So Good” take on new meaning to the new parents. “It was like a snapshot of my past,” says Keifer. “Me not ever thinking that I would get married. I didn’t want to be a dad. I didn’t want any of that stuff. Then I met Shawna and I was like, ‘Well, ahh, being married would be kind of cool.’ Fast forward several years, I didn’t ever want to have a kid, and then you start looking at kids and you’re like, ‘Look how cute that kid is.’ I told Shawna, ‘I kind of want to have a kid.’ She’s like, ‘Are you serious?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah.’ She was like, ‘OK.’ And we started trying.” The result? Cooper Thompson.

Being first-time parents has it’s perks and special moments that make parenting fun. “For me, it’s the first smile of the day,” Keifer says. “I get up earlier than she does so I’ll get up and go over there and he’s just kicking around, he’s usually awake. He gets up around 8 or 9 o’clock everyday. It’s awesome, he sleeps all the way through the night. It’s killer. He’ll just be chilling in his crib, looking around. I’ll come in and look over into his crib and his smile is like this wide. It’s like the day is gonna be good right there.”

“We actually fight over that smile sometimes,” Shawna adds. “I put him down most nights. Every once in a while Keifer will put him down. It’s a really special time, too, because we’ll usually read a book or something like that. And then I’ll put him down. He loves his little mobile and he’ll just stare at it. He’ll give you a smile right before he goes to sleep.”

As mom and dad talk about their little Coop, you can tell how much the couple is enjoying their new role. And it seems the responsibility has changed the couple. “It’s taken us both to different places,” says Shawna. “Keifer was changing him one day and I heard him singing this little [song] going socks, socks and I was like, ‘What is that?’ And he goes, ‘Oh, I just made it up.’ And I was like, ‘That’s really good, you need to finish that.’ So he did and now we’re working on a little kids’ book and a song.”

Listen to Keifer sing a clip of “Socks, Socks”:


With working together, living together, traveling together and raising a child together, Shawna and Keifer spend more time with each other than most couples. Do they ever find themselves getting sick of all that togetherness? “We do, yeah,” Shawna says with a goodhearted laugh. “Well Keifer thought getting a motorcycle would help that a bit because he thought he would get away, but then I rode with him a couple of times and I was like, ‘Oh I love this.’

“We had a little bit of an [accident]. This little thing that happened and a curve,” says Shawna. “I was on the back and I didn’t like it and got scared. I was like, ‘Ah, I’m good.’ And now we have Cooper, so I think I’m good on the motorcycle riding.”

“I came in a little bit high on the curve and there were cars coming and I had to lay [the bike] over, ya know,” says Keifer. “I scraped about a quarter-inch of the tail pipe off. It was fishtailing. And I was fine but she wasn’t used to laying a bike over that far. It was kind of the end of that. Well she wanted a bike and I bought her a bike. We were out in the cul-de-sac where we live and she was going around in circles and she started looking at the ground and just dumped it. She dropped it like twice. I was like, ‘That’s alright, it’s going to happen.’ So she’s since given that up. Now I have another bike to deal with.


“But we get tired of each other,” says Keifer with a laugh. “A lot of our personal problems come from exhaustion. Almost always. We had this crazy run this last couple of weeks. We started being real short. We’ve been around each other so much where we can go, ‘I know this is because we are tired.’ We admit that we’re wrong. I don’t have a problem saying ‘Yeah, I was a butthole.’ She still has a hard time admitting it. That’s super healthy to be able to do that but it’s not the easiest discipline to achieve—being able to look at yourself and go, ‘OK, maybe it was me.’ It’s not normal if you get along most of the time and everything’s usually good and then all of a sudden you’re wanting to kill each other. It usually has some seed planted somewhere. It’s usually exhaustion at the base of it.”

The happy couple has a lot to keep them tired as they hit the road this summer for fairs and festivals with little baby Cooper right there by their side. “He’s been transitioning pretty well,” Shawna says about her son’s travel routine. “He sleeps great on the bus. The flying is starting to get a little sketchy because he’s starting to get impatient and he wants to be entertained. We tried to figure out a way to have his crib on [the bus]. It’s all strapped in so he’s secure. We talked to Little Big Town a little bit about it right before we had him. They were sharing some things they did as far as bunks, having them padded, and we’ve done a few of those things.”

Be sure to catch Thompson Square’s latest single, “You Make It Look So Good,” available on iTunes now. And keep an eye our for their new album due out later this year or early next.

Watch how they’ve made a star out of little Rigney Cooper on their Twitter page:

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