Kip Moore Posts Powerful Video About Overcoming Hate

Kip Moore Posts Powerful Video About Overcoming Hate

In a 41 second video posted on his Facebook page, Kip Moore makes a powerful statement about the hate we’ve all been witness to in recent months.

Kip_Moore_BetheChange_VideoIn a few short words, Kip speaks volumes about making change. “It’s a beautiful thing how when kids are born they don’t see color and they don’t feel hate. It’s a really sad thing that we teach them how to do both,” Kip says in the video.

The short video was posted on Monday afternoon (July 11) along with the following message from Kip:

“I grew up in a family where we were taught to love plain and simple. I had a mom and dad who would’ve kicked my ass if I used a derogatory term to describe another person of color. As I got older, I looked around realizing what a rare thing that was. I grew up in south Ga where there was a lot of oppression and stereotypes. Don’t get me wrong..there were a lot of good people but that’s just the truth. There was hate from both sides. People were raised to dislike me for the color of my skin and some of the white kids were taught to dislike others for the color of their skin. It’s a poisonous cycle they may never end but I sure pray it does. Loving each other and taking care of one another seems like such a simple task yet has never seemed so out of reach. I’m well aware that “some” officers over the years have abused their authority and caused an extreme strain of trust among certain communities BUT I also believe that the majority of our officers (my brother included) want to protect all races and fight for what’s right everyday. I know his heart and i know he’s not the only one.

“The media will always pit us against each other. They know race will always drive ratings. It’s all about the Benjamin’s people. There are many peaceful protests happening all over, but that’s not what you’re gonna see. You’ll only see the shooting over and over. You won’t see the black cop changing the old white ladies tire on the side of the road (saw this yesterday)…or the white cop laughing with the black man he pulled over (saw this 2 weeks ago) won’t see me and my good buddies Damien and Ty from this video sitting on a bench laughing together. I love these guys but hey.. That’s not a story. I hope we can all look at ourselves in the mirror and end this vicious cycle. I pray we teach our kids to simply love and let the hate die with those holding onto it #‎BeTheChange‬

Take a minute to watch the video he created:

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Chris Young Earns 3 CMA Award Nominations

Chris Young Earns 3 CMA Award Nominations

Congrats to Chris Young who is a 3-time CMA Award nominee this year.

His song “Famous Friends”, which he sings with Kane Brown, racked up nominations in the categories of Single, Musical Event, and Video of the Year.

Talking about his nominations, Chris says “I was blown away by the fact that there were three award nominations for the song. I mean, there’s so much that’s gone into it and so many people that have fallen in love with it and supported it and, you know, just having a hit with your friend in the first place is great with a song like “Famous Friends” with my buddy Kane Brown, but then to be nominated for three different CMA Awards, including Single of the Year. It’s just incredible.”

Chris, Kane and all the other nominees will learn if they’re taking home trophies, when the 55th Annual CMA Awards are handed out in Nashville on Wednesday November 10 – broadcasted live on ABC.

Photo Credit: Jeff Johnson