Who’s New: Jarred Pierce

Who’s New: Jarred Pierce

Born: Frog Pond, Ala.
Lives: Nashville
Age: 30
Influences: Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Eric Church
EP: Boys and Arrows  (Sept. 9)
Website: jarredpierce.com
Twitter: @TheJarredPierce

Inside Scoop

Growing up in the small town of Frog Pond, Ala.—which is just south of Muscle Shoals—Jarred Pierce fell in love with two things early in his life: music and the outdoors. His two passions have merged into his career. As an 8-year-old, Jarred began picking the guitar and singing in church. By 16, he was fronting his own band and writing songs. Last year, Jarred made the leap from Frog Pond to Nashville to purse music full-time, and he will release his debut EP, Boys and Arrows, on Sept. 9. In addition, Jarred has partnered with Treezyn Hunting and Outdoor Apparel and is filming his own hunting show, Wicked Ridge Outdoors.

Feeling Froggy

“There’s not much to do in Frog Pond if you don’t love the outdoors. I grew up hunting, fishing, hiking, camping—whatever I could do to be outside. It was a good place to be raised. But I also grew up listening to my mom sing in church and got into music that way. She got me a guitar when I was 8 years old, and I taught myself how to play. My love of music evolved from there.”

Music City Leap

“Once I learned the guitar, I started singing a little bit. When I was 15, me and my friends created our own band in high school. We were always somewhere playing fairs or festivals on the weekends. After high school, we all went our separate ways and I went out solo after that, playing local bars and restaurants and doing acoustic gigs. After a few years, I really started writing and began traveling back and forth to Nashville to get into this scene. I met some great guys that helped me get my career started, and here I am now with my new EP, Boys and Arrows.”

Southern Outlaw Sound

“I grew up loving the Outlaw sound—Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash—and a lot of Southern rock. I think that’s a little of where my sound comes from. Growing up listening to Southern rock and the guys in the Outlaw movement, I think you can hear a little of that on my EP. I also love Eric Church and his sound. I love his lyrics—they’re just so cool to me. In fact, the first date I went on with my wife was at an Eric Church concert. So we go see him at least once a year to celebrate.”

First Impressions

JarredP“I wrote all six songs on the EP. I went through 20 to 30 songs to narrow down the EP to six. It was tough for me, especially because you want your first impression to be your best. But I feel really good about the six on there and what I’ve done writing and growing. It’s a big accomplishment for me. I’m proud of the EP. If fact, one of the songs on the EP, ‘Big Red Bobber,’ is the first song I ever wrote when I was 16. I’ve changed it a little since then, but I had a chance to open for Jana Kramer last week and I got to play this version of it, and I got to see the crowd react. It’s one of those songs I’ve always held on to, and to be able to release it on the EP is so exciting for me.”

Seeing the Forrest for the Treezyn

“Partnering with Treezyn was one of those things that just fit. It my opinion as a hunter, their gear is awesome. There’s been so much they’ve brought to the table for my music career. Their following has transferred to my following. We meshed so well together. They are very to the point. I don’t have to fake anything. They are real and I’m real, it’s just who I am—a hunter and outdoorsman. With Treezyn, we’ve actually started a hunting show called Wicked Ridge Outdoors. We’re doing a lot of filming right now. I’m headed to Georgia next week for a bear hunt with a bow and I’ve got more music dates throughout the fall. That’s going to be fun. Music and hunting, that’s what I love doing.”

photo by Anna Haas

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