Thomas Rhett Counts on Wife Lauren for Honest Opinion About His Music

Thomas Rhett Counts on Wife Lauren for Honest Opinion About His Music

When Thomas Rhett married his wife, Lauren, in 2012, he got more than just a beautiful bride and better half, he also got a women he could count on for an honest opinion about his music.

“Lauren is so funny because Lauren is kind of a genre-less person, which is probably where I get it from,” Thomas Rhett said referring to his wife’s taste in music. “She doesn’t see these lines. It is either a good song or a bad song. Lauren gets bored very easily. She’s not one of those people that I could go play a song like [George Strait’s] ‘The Chair’ to and her be entertained. She’s like ‘eh, whatever.’ There’s nothing wrong with that. I look at her like I look at 80 percent of my female fans—so if Lauren digs this song, I’m pretty certain that most every other girl her age is going to dig this song.”

And dig it they have. Thomas’ current album, Tangled Up, which he released in September 2015, was recently certified gold for sale of 500,000 units and includes the monster hit, “Die a Happy Man”, written by Thomas about his beautiful wife. TR’s current single, “Star of the Show”—also written about Lauren—can be found on Tangled Up Deluxe, which is due out on Oct. 28.

“I tried to make this album as fun as I possibly could and if I am gonna cut—if I was gonna cut a ballad—it had to be something she thoroughly enjoyed. Like ‘Die a Happy Man,’ obviously she loved it—it’s about her. She can’t not like that. But even a song like ‘The Day You Stop Lookin’ Back,’ which is really slow. She loves Jaren Johnston. She loves The Cadillac Three. It probably had a lot to do with that, that he wrote that song, but it’s one of my favorite songs on the record. So she had a lot of influence on it.”

When they’re not picking out good songs, the couple is helping others in need. TR and Lauren recently raised $250,000 for 147 Million Orphans—an organization close to Lauren’s heart—at Thomas Rhett & Friends charity concert in Nashville.

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