Get to Know Nash Next Finalist Trey Teem

Get to Know Nash Next Finalist Trey Teem

The Nash Next Challenge is down to its 10 finalists, and in the lead-up to the announcement of the champion on Oct. 25, NCD will be profiling each of the 10 finalists.

Today, we are getting to know finalist Trey Teem.

In July, Cumulus Media and Big Machine Label Group invited aspiring country artists and bands to participate in the Nash Next Challenge, an artist development competition where the winner will receive a recording contract with Big Machine Label Group and have an original song produced by Jay DeMarcus, which will garner national radio airplay on Cumulus Media radio stations across the U.S.

The winner of the Nash Next Challenge will be crowned on Tuesday, Oct. 25, at Mercy Lounge in Nashville. The event, which will also feature a performance from Trent Harmon, is open to the public from 7–10 p.m.

Trey Teem

Age: 22
Twitter: @treyteem_music
Home City Market: Macon, Ga.

How did you get started in music?

Growing up in central Georgia, I’ve always been around music. So picking up a guitar and learning how to play just seemed like a regular thing people did, until I realized what a passion I had for it.

At what age did you realize you wanted to make music your career?

During my junior year of high school. I loved playing for people, but it turned into a really good way for me to be making money while I was in school.

Who are your musical influences?

As a songwriter, I think most guys like me look up to guys like Eric Church, and I do. When I first started out in music, I was just a guitar player. I didn’t sing or write any of my own music. I looked up to guitar players like Stevie Ray Vaughan and John Frusciante.

What would you say is unique about your sound?

I try to have my own style with what I write and perform. I try to aim to be as original as possible.

What three albums would you take to a deserted island?

Any Kenny Chesney album, because if I’m stuck on a island I might as well have some beach music with me.

What’s a song you wish you had written?

A song does not have to be extremely popular for me to like it. Often I end up buying whole albums instead of singles off of iTunes. One song I wish I had written is “Senior Year” off of Randy Houser’s most recent album, Fired Up.

What was the first concert you ever attended?

The first concert I ever attended was Eric Church and Brantley Gilbert in Savannah, Georgia. And they completely set the bar for me on what a concert should be like.

What’s the last song you heard that blew you away?

I like to make sure I keep up with all music coming from Georgia. The last song I heard that completely blew me away was from a group of guys known as Muscadine Bloodline. They released a song called “Porch Swing Angel.” The talent and vocal ability of these guys coming out of Georgia blew me away.

Who are the King and Queen of country music?

George Strait and Reba McEntire, duh.

What’s the first thing you do after a show?

Usually the guys and I pack up the gear and head on back to the house, especially on Saturdays—have to be up bright and early for church.

What’s been your most exciting or unusual fan encounter?

I think it’s awesome when people that I’ve never met recognize me in public. It gives me the drive to push myself harder, write more, book more, meet more people and really get this dream of mine going.

What’s your favorite song to cover?

“The South” by The Cadillac Three. I’m lucky enough to be playing with guys in my band who are all around my age. They are extremely talented and very lively onstage. A high, loud, fun song like “The South,” these guys really bring it to life.

What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done onstage?

I think every performing musician can say they have fallen a few times.

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