Alan Jackson’s Mother, Ruth, Passes Away at 86

Alan Jackson’s Mother, Ruth, Passes Away at 86

Our condolences go out to Alan Jackson and his family on the passing of his mother, Ruth. Mrs. Jackson passed away this morning (Jan. 7) at the age of 86 and is survived by her five children.

The following press release was posted on Alan’s Facebook page.

“It is with heavy hearts that we share the passing of Alan’s beloved mother, Ruth Jackson,” the post read.  “Mrs. Ruth Jackson – known to her family, friends and country music fans the world over simply as “Mama Ruth” – died Saturday morning, January 7, peacefully at her home in Newnan, Georgia. Mrs. Jackson became a celebrated part of son Alan Jackson’s career and life story as the inspiration behind some of his fans’ favorite music. Mama Ruth was 86.

Alan recorded his 2006 gospel album Precious Memories as a gift to his mother, who married Alan’s father, Joseph, at very young age in 1946. Joseph passed away in 2000. The couple resided in Newnan, Ga., where Ruth lived up until her death.

“My dad was shy and cautious, but my mom is stubborn out spoken,” Alan shared with Country Weekly in 2005. “If she feels strongly about something, she would stand her ground. I can see it in all my sisters and my kids, too.”

The superstar recalled precious memories of his mom for a 2012 Country Weekly mother’s day feature. “One thing about my mom is that she still lives in the same place in Newnan, Ga.,” Alan told the magazine. “She was about 16 when she got married. Dad got back home from the Navy and took her out of high school. They had a place near my grandfather’s and that’s where they lived. That’s all she’s ever known. She never wanted to be in a nursing home. She is sort of feeble now and she does have care in the home, but she never wanted to leave and we hope that she can stay there. I basically wrote the song “Home” about her.”

NCD offers Alan and his family our deepest sympathy at this difficult time.

Photo by TONY PHIPPS/MCA Nashville

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