Zac Brown Band Returns to Their Roots With New Single, “My Old Man” [Listen]

Zac Brown Band Returns to Their Roots With New Single, “My Old Man” [Listen]

“We’re going in [the studio] this winter to make a brand-new ZBB record—straight back to our roots, Foundation style,” said Zac Brown in September regarding the band’s upcoming album, Welcome Home, which drops on May 12.

Today (Feb. 3), we got our first taste of Zac’s aforementioned rooty sound with the release of the album’s lead single, “My Old Man”—and Zac has lived up to his promise.

Produced by Dave Cobb (Chris Stapleton, Sturgill Simpson), “My Old Man” is a definite throwback to ZBB’s early sound, deviating 180 degrees from the band’s 2015 album, Jekyll + Hyde, which pushed the country boundaries with traces of electronic music, hard rock and big band sounds.

Watch ZBB’s lyric video for “My Old Man,” which features a father/song photo journal of the band’s members.

“My Old Man” lyrics

He was a giant
And I was just a kid
I was always trying
To do everything he did
I can still remember every lesson he taught me
Growing up learning how to be like my old man

[Verse 2]
He was a lion
We were our father’s pride
But I was defiant
When he made me walk the line
He knew how to lift me up
And when to let me fall
Looking back, he always had a plan
My old man

My old man
Feel the callous on his hands
And dusty overalls
My old man
Now I finally understand
I have a lot to learn
From my old man

[Verse 3]
Now I’m a giant
Got a son of my own
He’s always trying
To go everywhere I go
Do the best I can to raise him up the right way
Hoping that he someday wants to be
Like his old man


My old man
I know one day we’ll meet again
As he’s looking down
My old man
I hope he’s proud of who I am
I’m trying to fill the boot of my old man

My old man

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