In Honor of Travis Tritt’s 54th Birthday Today, We’re Throwing It Back to a Video Breakdown of the Greatest Song About Pocket Change in Country Music History

In Honor of Travis Tritt’s 54th Birthday Today, We’re Throwing It Back to a Video Breakdown of the Greatest Song About Pocket Change in Country Music History

Happy 54th birthday to the man, the myth, the legend . . . Travis Tritt. The double-Grammy winner was born in Marietta, Ga., on Feb. 9, 1963. In honor of Travis’ b-day, we’re throwing it back to a video breakdown of “Here’s a Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares).”

Today’s installment features the video to Travis’ 1991 Billboard No. 2 hit, “Here’s a Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares),” complete with timely notes to help you further appreciate the nuances of Travis’ irresistible manliness.

Let’s get started.

“Here’s a Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares)”


This is our first clear look at Travis, with his beautiful mane of hair bobbing in the breeze as he exits his bus. Notice Travis’s casual bus attire: Harley-Davidson wolf t-shirt, skintight jeans and a belt with triple conchos. Classy. You’ll also notice Travis has something in his left hand.

Yeah, it’s a quarter . . . because he can’t fit it in the pocket of his skintight jeans.


A slight continuity problem as Travis’ truck keys magically appear in hand. There’s no way he got those out of his pocket. Nonetheless, we move on.


We get a close-up of Travis’ love interest, who, for some reason, “wants to come back” to him.

SIDEBAR The actress playing the love interest, Leighanne Wallace, later married Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys.


Unmoved by his former lover’s plea, Travis flips her a quarter, because in 1991, that’s how much it cost to use a pay phone.

Nowadays, the song would be titled, “Here’s a Cell Phone (Call Someone Who Cares).”


Now we cut to a live performance shot of Travis singing “Here’s a Quarter.” Travis has decided to sport a puffy pirate shirt and black vest for this showcase, and man, does he pull it off in style.


We get our first glimpse of Travis’ girl having a “sordid affair.”

It’s hurts, Travis, it hurts.

She also cats around at 1:04, 1:28, 1:31, 1:37, 1:57 and 2:21.


Cut to Travis in a diner reading a newspaper. The headline: “Donald Gives Ivanna a QUARTER of a Billion.” The “Donald,” of course, is Donald Trump.

This eerie precursor to the present day is our first hint that Travis may, in fact, be Nostradamus.


Travis breaks the fourth wall by making eye contact with the camera. He’s allowed to do this because he’s a badass.


Cut to a yard sale with Travis donning a Hawaiian shirt, white pants and sunglasses. Being a cuckold never looked so comfortable.


We’re back to Travis’ live performance of the song, and now he’s flipping a quarter behind his back and catching it. Impressive on all accounts.


Back at the yard sale, Travis’s ex drives by in a convertible. It was ’91, so convertibles were super-cool. We’re lucky it wasn’t a three-wheeled ATV. Travis lowers his shades to show her exactly what’s she lost, seemingly saying, “This guy, right here.”


Still at the yard sale, a kid with an ice cream cone gives the trampy woman a quarter for a stuffed bunny. This pleases Travis, very much, as evidenced by what we imagine to be a very guttural laugh.


Through the magic of 1991 cinematography, a quarter—which, I forgot to mention, was flying mid-air throughout the video after Travis flipped it at the :26 mark—lands in the pay phone slot.

Bull’s-eye, baby.


Travis gets in his truck and leaves. End scene. End awesomeness.

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Brian Kelley Finds A Solo Home

Brian Kelley Finds A Solo Home

Earlier this year Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard announced that while Florida Georgia Line would continue, both guys would also be venturing out to do their own musical projects. As their FGL song “Long Live” is knocking on the door to number-1, Tyler is also climbing the chart with Tim McGraw and their duet “Undivided.”

Now, Brian is giving fans a taste of what’s to come with his solo project – he shared, “There’s a new kind of cowboy in town…who’s ready to ride this wave? Can’t wait for y’all to hear this new music.”

Brian also made some news in announcing that he’s partnering with Warner Music Nashville when it comes to any future solo projects he has, “I couldn’t be more grateful for everyone who has helped me on my journey to get here. I’m humbled to team up with Warner Music Nashville to take the music I’ve been dreamin’ and schemin’ up to the next level. This is just the beginning of a whole new adventure. My vision for what’s next is a vibe and state of mind – get ready to ride the wave with ya Beach Cowboy, y’all!”

Photo Credit: Ben Christensen