Blair Garner Revitalizes Friday Nights With Refreshed Version of George Jones’ “Finally Friday” on “The Blair Garner Show”

Blair Garner Revitalizes Friday Nights With Refreshed Version of George Jones’ “Finally Friday” on “The Blair Garner Show”

When Blair Garner, host of the syndicated nightly radio broadcast The Blair Garner Show, was hosting After Midnite more than a decade ago, he was looking for a way to fire up fans across the country as they headed into the weekend. The veteran radio host came up with an amped-up version of George Jones’ “Finally Friday.” Now, more than 20 years later, the song has gotten a facelift thanks to newcomer Steve Moakler and songwriter/producer Luke Laird.

“I found this old song by George Jones, ‘Finally Friday,’ Blair recalls to Nash Country Daily. “I brought the staff in, we recorded a clap track and we’re all hooping and hollering and making silly noises. We take that [recording], we put it on and we got stupid audio clips from I Love Lucy and [other tracks to spruce it up]. The recording made its way across the country—it became a big Friday thing, but that was also 1993. Music has progressed quite a lot since then.

“I thought it would be great if we could do a new 2017 incarnation of ‘Finally Friday,'” Blair continues. “Who would be the ideal voice that could take over from George Jones? Steve [Moakler] just popped into my mind, because I’m Team Steve and I’m crazy about him. I called Luke [Laird] and said ‘I got this idea.’ Luke, being familiar with the 1993 version, said, ‘We got it,’ and that’s how it started.”

Luke worked with Steve on arranging the recording of the brand-new version that is set to launch on The Blair Garner Show this Friday (Feb. 17) at midnight. The newcomer was honored to get the call to be the voice of the updated version.

“I was nervous,” Steve confessed to Nash Country Daily. “It’s a tall order to sing a George Jones song. He has such a unique and great voice, so I wasn’t sure—until we worked it up—I was like, ‘I really hope I could do this well and do it justice.’ When we got in there, I was like ‘I’m just gonna sing this the way I would sing it.’ He’s got his unique voice and I just had to do my thing. It’s a great melody and a great song. I’m super honored to do it.”

“Steve and I felt the same,” adds Luke. “[We wanted to] really be true to the original. We stuck to the arrangement. My job was really easy. It was just getting in the studio with Steve’s great band and we brought in Glen Duncan—who actually played the fiddle on the George Jones version, but we didn’t know that at the time. We had a lot of fun.”

The final version is a catchy way to kick off your Friday and bound to get people excited for the weekend.

“I feel really proud of it. I think it turned out pretty amazing,” Steve said of the new version. “As Luke said, we really honored the original version. I think it does feel fresh and reinvented. I’m happy with it.”

Check out the new refreshed version of “Finally Friday” when it premieres this Friday (Feb. 17) and every Friday at midnight on The Blair Garner Show.

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Miranda Lambert is Settling Down and Setting Up Shop

Miranda Lambert is Settling Down and Setting Up Shop

If you’ve been to lower Broadway in Nashville over the last several years, you know country music artist owned honkytonks having been sprouting up all along Music City’s famous strip.

Jason Aldean, John Rich, Blake Shelton, Dierks Bentley, Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line and Alan Jackson all already have venues…but now there’s another name being thrown in the mix, and it’s a first!

Miranda Lambert will be the first female country artist to have a downtown venue. Miranda’s place will be located at 308 Broadway, and looks to be named “Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa.”

Miranda was perhaps encouraged to move into this new venture by a 2018 Nashville Business Journal poll. When music industry pros were asked, “Which female country star should open a downtown bar?” — Miranda garnered the most votes.

Miranda is partnering with TC Restaurant Group on the new place, and it looks like even more details will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Photo Credit: Ellen Von Unwerth