Success Is “Everywhere” for Mo Pitney

Success Is “Everywhere” for Mo Pitney

For 24-year-old singer/songwriter Mo Pitney, there is no metric that determines his success. But by all discernible benchmarks, Mo has had a very successful 12 months. In addition to getting married to his sweetheart, Emily, in March 2016, Mo dropped his Top 10 debut album, Behind This Guitar, in October and welcomed a baby daughter, Evelyne Nadine, in January 2017.

Mo Pitney (left) with NCD editor Jim Casey. photo by Jason Simanek

“I’ve always asked myself the question, ‘What is success?’” says Mo to NCD. “I think it’s to make it to wherever God intended me to make it. I work hard, I try to write the best songs I can and sing the best songs I can. Wherever that’s going to take me, that’s success for me.”

Where it took him was “Everywhere.” Between changing diapers and late-night feedings, Mo released his new single, “Everywhere,” to country radio on Feb. 13. While the love song stays true to Mo’s authentic-sounding roots, it is the crooner’s most radio-friendly single to date.

“I hope people hear ‘Everywhere,’ and I hope it moves them and it is helpful in their everyday life,” says Mo. “That would be tremendously successful for me. Obviously, the more people it affects, the better.”

As Mo continues to make headway on country radio with “Everywhere,” he’s staying busy with performance dates, including the Grand Ole Opry, where he has become a crowd favorite. The Opry audience appreciates an old soul, even if the body is only 24 years old.

“I like to think I’m [an old soul],” says Mo. “I just know that I’m me. I know that I have felt love. I know that I have felt heartbreak. I know that I’ve had struggles in my life. I feel like I do have things to write about. I’m looking forward to the rest of my life to get more insight and more things to write about. If that’s an old soul or not, I guess other people can determine that, but I think I’m not going to change anytime soon.”


photo by Joseph Llanes/CMA

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