Lady Antebellum Is Supportive of Their Kids Following in Their Musical Footsteps: “Dream Big,” Says Hillary Scott

Lady Antebellum Is Supportive of Their Kids Following in Their Musical Footsteps: “Dream Big,” Says Hillary Scott

When Charles Kelley, Dave Haywood and Hillary Scott formed Lady Antebellum in 2006, they were 25, 24 and 20, respectively—just babies themselves. Fast-forward 11 years, and the members of the trio are all proud parents.

Charles and his wife, Cassie, gave birth to son Ward last year, completing what we can only hope is a future generation of Lady Antebellum mini-me’s, or “Baby Antebellum,” as Dave puts it. Dave and his wife, Kelli, also have a baby boy, and Hillary and her husband, Chris, have a little girl. Two boys and a girl? A new generation of Lady Antebellum has been born.

Being in the music business can be tough, but Charles, Dave and Hillary have decided that they are open to their children following that path, as long as they are happy.

“Whatever he wants to do,” Charles tells Nash Country Daily about son Ward. “[Hillary’s daughter] Eisele is already showing a little knack for music, you can tell. I don’t know, it’s tough. I mean the business, for the majority of the people that chase after, will disappointment them. That’s kind of hard. Already I’m like, ‘I don’t want my kid to ever be disappointed.’ I don’t know, it’s hard to say.”

“I’m open to anything. It’s fun,” adds Dave about his son, Cash. “I think there’s so many great parts of the music business now. It’s such a growing industry, I feel like if there is anything—businesswise too—that our kids would want to get involved in, I think they’d love it.”

“I just feel like what my parents [Linda Davis and Lang Scott] gave me was the freedom to dream big and to really chase after what I was passionate about,” Hillary says. “I think they would of—I know they would have supported anything, whether that would have been medical or a teacher. I think more than anything, I want Eisele to be given the gift of what I feel—and I think I can speak for the boys how they feel—of just knowing where you’re supposed be and doing what you’re supposed to be doing.”

Ward, Cash and Eisele are already showing signs of a love of music, just like their famous parents.

“Eisele definitely has a knack for music, she loves it,” Hillary adds. “She loves to dance, she loves to come into our photoshoots and take over and get her picture taken. I just want her to feel that peace of knowing she’s doing what she supposed to be doing.”

We’ll just have to wait and see if the three Baby Antebellums are interested in a music career. Until then, we can enjoy the original trio as they hit the road on May 26 to kick off their You Look Good World Tour and release their new album, Heart Break, on June 9.

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