Adam Craig Takes You Behind the Scenes of His New Video for “Just a Phase”

Adam Craig Takes You Behind the Scenes of His New Video for “Just a Phase”

Adam Craig, one of country’s hottest new voices, released his current single, “Just a Phase”—featured on his self-titled EP—in February. Now the sultry voiced newcomer is releasing his first major label video, and he’s taking you behind the scenes to check it out.

“This is my first music video on a major label, and it really has been like a dream come true,” Adam tells Nash Country Daily. “Before you move to Nashville, you dream about making a music video and singing in front of large audiences and hearing yourself on the radio—there’s so much that goes into it all. It takes a village.”

Directed by the Edde Brothers, Matt and John, the video explores a minimalist vibe. It shows Adam performing in the middle of Nashville’s Schermerhorn Symphony, playing his guitar as the song narrates the story.

Cause I’m a Friday nighter / And you’re a Sunday afternoon / I’m a reckless rock and roller / You’re a nice slow dance to a midnight tune / Deep in you’re heart I know you know I ain’t right for you / I’m just a phase you’re going through,” Adam sings in the chorus.

NCD talked with Adam about the making of “Just a Phase.”

What is the concept of the video for “Just a Phase”?

“The video for ‘Just a Phase’ takes you on the journey of this guy who is a musician and is out on tour. He has been on a date or two with this girl that he’s really hit it off with and now she’s come out on the road to see him. He really likes her but he also knows that he is ‘just a phase’ to her. But he really wants it to last and is essentially holding on for dear life, hoping that it will last longer than he knows it inevitably will.”

What is your role in the video?

“I’m the narrator and am telling the story that you see play out on screen. We filmed my performance at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in the middle of downtown Nashville and it’s just beautiful—the lighting, the vibe—everything was just so neat. It set the mood just perfectly.”

You also starred in the lyric video for “Just a Phase.” What was the difference for you between making the official music video and the lyric video?

“My part in this and my part in the lyric video were very similar. My part in this official music video was basically to just sing the song over and over until I didn’t look goofy doing it. I was very lucky to have the lyric video as kind of a dry run to figure it out a little.”

We all go through phases in our lives. What were some childhood phases you went through?

“Motorcross. Football. Baseball. I thought I was going to play major league baseball right out of T-ball. There was a phase where I kept getting in trouble because I saw a Def Leppard video on MTV. I took a pair of scissors and shredded every pair of jeans I owned. There was a pretty good spanking session after that. That was a bad phase. I was also way into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles—the old ninja turtles back when they were real and they used to kick butt.”

Check out the behind the scenes video for “Just a Phase.”

Check out the final version of “Just a Phase,” right here.

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