New Albums

New Albums

New albums dropping today (June 2) include A Thousand Horses’ Bridges, Luke Combs’ This One’s for You and Wheeler Walker Jr.’s Ol’ Wheeler.

A Thousand Horses – Bridges

  1. “Blaze of Somethin’”
  2. “Burn Like Willie”
  3. “Preachin’ To the Choir”
  4. “One Man Army”
  5. “Bridges”
  6. “Weekends In a Small Town”
  7. “Travelin’ Man” *
  8. “Preachin’ To the Choir” *
  9. “Sunday Morning” *
  10. “One Man Army” *
  11. “Bridges” *
  12. “First Time” *
  13. “Smoke” †

* Live at Metropolis, London in 2016
† Live at Printer’s Alley, Nashville in 2015

Luke Combs – This One’s For You

  1. “Out There”
  2. “Memories Are Made Of”
  3. “Lonely One”
  4. “Beer Can”
  5. “Hurricane”
  6. “One Number Away”
  7. “Don’t Tempt Me”
  8. “When It Rains It Pours”
  9. “This One’s For You”
  10. “Be Careful What You Wish For”
  11. “I Got Away with You”
  12. “Honky Tonk Highway”

Wheeler Walker Jr. – Ol’ Wheeler

Wheeler Walker Jr.’s album track list is available on his website or your preferred music store or streaming service.

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Rascal Hits

Rascal Hits

Rascal Flatts will continue to celebrate their 20th anniversary this year with the release of a new album, Twenty Years of Rascal Flatts The Greatest Hits, on Oct. 2. The 20-song collection features a number of fan-favorite hits.