Parmalee Announces July 21 Release of New Album, “27861,” + Listen to Lead Single, “Sunday Morning”

Parmalee Announces July 21 Release of New Album, “27861,” + Listen to Lead Single, “Sunday Morning”

Move over 90201, there’s a new “it” zip code: 27861.

North Carolina quartet Parmalee will release its upcoming sophomore album, 27861, on July 21. Named in honor of the zip code of their hometown, Parmale, N.C., the 12-song offering features a host of top songwriters, including Ross Copperman, Josh Osborne, Craig Wiseman, busbee, Rodney Clawson, Hillary Lindsey and more.

27861 follows the band’s 2013 Top 10 album, Feels Like Carolina, which spawned Top 10 hits, “Carolina,” “Close Your Eyes” and “Already Callin’ You Mine.”

The new album’s lead single, “Sunday Morning,” which you can listen to below, was co-penned by Parmalee frontman Matt Thomas, who has nine songwriting credits on the new project.

27861 Track Listing & Songwriters

  1. “Sunday Morning” (Matt Thomas, Ross Copperman, Josh Osborne)
  2. “American Nights” (Matt Thomas, Tommy Cecil, Jay Brunswick, Frank Rogers)
  3. “Heartbreaker” (Brock Berryhill, Jay Brunswick, Jason Blaine)
  4. “Like a Photograph” (Matt Thomas, Andrew Dorff, busbee)
  5. “Back in the Game” (Rodney Clawson, Hillary Lindsey, Matt Dragstrem)
  6. “Mimosas” (Matt Thomas, Tommy Cecil, Jared Tyler Mullins)
  7. “Hotdamalama” (Matt Thomas, Tommy Cecil, Craig Wiseman)
  8. “A Guy Meets a Girl” (Matt Thomas, Chase McGill, Jessie Jo Dillon)
  9. “Savannah” (Matt Thomas, Tom Douglas, Zachary Maloy)
  10. “Drink it Off” (Matt Thomas, Jim Beavers, Lindsay Rimes)
  11. “Barrel of a Shot Glass” (Matt Thomas, Barry Knox, David Fanning, Ben Stennis)
  12. “Roots” (Jared Mullins, Ben Stennis, Blake Bollinger)

photo by Joseph Llanes

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