Midland Sends “Love” to California Fire Victims and Shares How You Can Help Via the Red Cross & Airbnb

Midland Sends “Love” to California Fire Victims and Shares How You Can Help Via the Red Cross & Airbnb

While speaking to Nash Country Daily ahead of the CMA Awards, Midland—the trio comprised of Mark Wystrach, Cameron Duddy and Jess Carson—had something on their minds besides their three CMA nominations: the current wildfires in California that have killed 42 people and caused billions of dollars of damage.

Midland’s connection to California and the West Coast is strong. Cameron is a California native, while all three men previously lived in L.A. before joining forces to form Midland in 2013. Mark and Jess are Arizona and Oregon natives, respectively.

“Mark and I both have family and friends that have been evacuated from their homes, some of them have lost their homes and businesses,” says Cameron. “Others have fought bravely to keep their places from going up in flames. To those people, we say, ‘We love you and we wish we were there to help. We’re giving all of our love and support from where we are.’ To anybody who isn’t aware, the Woolsey Fire is devastating parts of Malibu and Ventura County, as is the [Camp Fire] in Butte County in Northern California. It’s the biggest and most expensive—it’s one of the worst, if not the worst, California fire in history. You can go online to the Red Cross and many organizations and donate time, money or resources if you have them. Special shout-out for sure to Airbnb for donating houses and places to stay and those people that participate in that—that’s very, very cool. Not only properties, but there’s also people and animals that are still trapped up there and could use your help, not to mention the firefighters of which we are also friends with that are on day five with very little sleep, food and water that are risking their lives out there. So we thank you so much for your valiant effort at saving our homes and the natural beauty that is Malibu that will be forever changed after this fire.”

Here’s a list of organizations to which you can donate, courtesy of the San Diego Union-Tribune.

  • Red Cross: Monetary donations can be made to the American Red Cross by calling 1-800-RED-CROSS or texting REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation.
  • California Community Foundation’s Wildfire Relief Fund: Supports victims by helping to rebuild homes and providing financial assistance to those who need medical and mental treatment. Donate here.
  • North Valley Community Foundation: Fund goes to support the needs of the evacuation centers who opened their doors to house fire victims who lost their homes or had to evacuate. Donate here.
  • United Way of Northern California: United Way established a NorCal Disaster Relief Fund to help victims. To make a donation, text BUTTEFIRE to 91999.
  • California Fire Foundation: Provides financial support to surviving families of fallen firefighters and firefighters who are battling at the front lines of the blaze. Donate here.
  • Airbnb: The home-rental company started a program that asks users to open their homes to those hit hardest by the fire. Hosts in regions marked on the map will offer their homes for free until November 29, 2018. Offer is good for displaced residents and relief workers.
  • Volunteering: The Red Cross has a volunteer page for those who want to pitch in above and beyond donations.

photo by Tammie Arroyo, AFF-USA.com

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