Chase Rice Reveals Details About New 7-Song Album & Throws Shade at Past Music: “My Career is Just About to Start”

Chase Rice Reveals Details About New 7-Song Album & Throws Shade at Past Music: “My Career is Just About to Start”

Chase Rice is gearing up to release a new seven-song project, The Album Part 1.

While no official release date has been announced, Chase stopped by The Ty Bentli Show this week to share a few details about the upcoming album, including the track list. Chase was also candid about his past music, telling the titular host that he cites his 2019 No. 1 hit, “Eyes on You,” as the beginning of his career, even though he co-penned Florida Georgia Line’s 2012 smash hit, “Cruise,” and scored his own Top 5 hits with “Ready Set Roll” in 2013 and “Gonna Wanna Tonight” in 2014.

“To me, my career is just about to start, which is crazy because I’ve been here 10 years,” says Chase. “If you look at the ‘Ready Set Roll’ and ‘Gonna Wanna Tonight’ years, and then after that we had a couple of misses—but those [songs] were like the foundation of everything, but it was a real flimsy foundation. I didn’t know what I was doing. I was just throwing stuff against the wall . . . I had two Top 5s, usually that’s a hell of a start, but it kinda stalled between there and that was three or four years ago.

“My goal, I wanna play arenas. I think that our show is an arena show. I think our band is an arena band. Those guys are insane. But for me, the music hasn’t been there. And the music’s been good. It’s been solid stuff. But I look back at a couple of albums . . . Ignite the Night was 17 songs or 19 songs on the [deluxe] edition. It could have just been 10 [laughing].

“I look at [The Album Part 1] with the production and writing—I’ll just read [the songs] off—‘American Nights,’ ‘Lonely If You Are,’ ‘Everywhere,’ ‘Best Night Ever,’ ‘Messy,’ ‘In the Car’ and ‘Forever to Go’—any one of those songs, to me, would be better than what I did on my previous albums. The way I look at it now is this is the beginning. ‘Eyes on You,’ to me, is the beginning of my career.”

Tune in to The Ty Bentli Show on Jan. 8 to hear Chase’s entire interview.

Chase heads to Europe for a 12-date tour on Jan. 11, before joining Brantley Gilbert’s Fire’t Up Tour on April 16.

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