Terry Bradshaw Talks New “Quarantine Crazy” Song & Says “Rest Assured, There Will Be Football” in 2020

Terry Bradshaw Talks New “Quarantine Crazy” Song & Says “Rest Assured, There Will Be Football” in 2020

NFL great Terry Bradshaw has always been a little crazy—now, he’s gone full-on “Quarantine Crazy” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Terry, who is quarantined at his home in Thackerville, Okla., co-wrote and recorded a new country song, “Quarantine Crazy.”

The current co-host of Fox NFL Sunday revealed to Chuck Wicks and Tricia “TJ” Jenkins of the Ty Bentli Show that his wife, Tammy, inspired the lighthearted ditty.

“I was on the phone talking football and my wife all of the sudden hollers out, ‘Terry, I’m going quarantine crazy,’” says Terry to Chuck. “I said, ‘I’ve got to get off the phone, I just heard a country song.’ So I got off the phone and I said, ‘Babe, that’s great, we’ve got to write a song about that.’ So I laid out the song for her, the whole idea. A guy never spends time with his family, always has an excuse. If it’s not football, it’s fishing or golf. Now, he has to stay home because he quarantined. I said, there’s only one guy who can write this song, so I called Jimmy Yeary and laid it out for him. Two days later, he calls me back and plays it over the phone. It was so good.”

Terry flew to Nashville on his small plane and recorded the song in a studio in “about nine takes,” which Jimmy then produced. While the twangy new tune is a good-natured jab at quarantine life, Terry is optimistic that a return to normalcy is in our future, including watching NFL football in 2020.

“I do believe there will be football—it may start out unlike what we’re used to, but I do believe we’ll have football,” says Terry. “There may be some abbreviation to it, but right now, we’ve got until September to get this thing where we can protect ourselves from it, or be on the way. And I think we might start off with empty stadiums, I don’t know. Our people may have to wear a mask and rubber gloves, I don’t know. But we’re going to have football. Rest assured, there will be football, and it’ll be on Fox. Okay, so don’t worry about it. You heard it from me.”

Terry’s full interview from the Ty Bentli Show will air on May 4.

Listen to “Quarantine Crazy” below.

photo by JPA, AFF-USA.com

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