Gone West Releases Debut Album, “Canyons,” After Two-Year Journey

Gone West Releases Debut Album, “Canyons,” After Two-Year Journey

Gone West released its debut album, Canyons, on June 12.

Comprised of two-time Grammy-winner Colbie Caillat, Grammy-winning songwriter Jason Reeves, Hawaiian recording artist Justin Kawika Young and ACM Award nominee Nelly Joy, the four members joined forces in 2018 after successful individual careers as recording artists and songwriters.

“There are a few moments [that brought us together], but the first thing was we all went out on tour with Colbie, supporting one of her solo albums, and we all played and sang together, and so that was sort of the beginning of the idea,” says Justin. “And then, when we got back to Nashville—Colbie and I had just moved to town—Nelly was like, ‘We should just write a song together as a group and just see what happens,’ so it started with one song. That went well, so it kind of led to the next thing.”

The members of the group have known each other for more than a decade. Nelly and Jason are married, while Colbie and Justin recently broke off their engagement but continue to remain close friends. The foursome’s moniker is an homage to their homes states—Iowa, Texas, California and Hawaii—which, of course, are all west of their current Nashville residence.

The members of Gone West had a hand in writing all 13 songs on Canyons, which also features songwriters Tom Douglas, Liz Rose, Nathan Chapman and more. The album’s lead single, “What Could’ve Been” is currently No. 30 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart.

Canyons Track List

  1. “Gone West”
  2. “Slow Down”
  3. “What Could’ve Been”
  4. “When to Say Goodbye”
  5. “Knew You”
  6. “Confetti”
  7. “I’m Never Getting Over You”
  8. “Gamblin’ Town”
  9. “Talkin’ Bout You”
  10. “R&R”
  11. “Home Is Where the Heartbreak Is”
  12. “This Time”
  13. “Tides”

photo by Tammie Arroyo, AFF-USA.com

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