Chris Stapleton Releases Hopeful New Song, “Starting Over” [Listen]

Chris Stapleton Releases Hopeful New Song, “Starting Over” [Listen]

After teasing a new tune on Aug. 25, Chris Stapleton released “Starting Over” on Aug. 27 at noon ET.

Penned by Chris and Mike Henderson, “Starting Over” was co-produced by Chris and Dave Cobb.

The new song features Chris crooning the uplifting chorus: “And it don’t matter to me / Wherever we are is where I want to be / And honey for once in our lives / Let’s take our chances and roll the dice / And I can be your lucky penny / You can be my four-leaf clover / Starting over.”

On Aug. 24, Chris posted a 37-second clip across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the date “11.13.20,” a likely reference to the release of his new album. Chris’ past social media posts were deleted to draw attention to the new clip, while his profile photo was replaced with a white backdrop featuring the scrawled words “Starting Over” and “Chris Stapleton.”

“Starting Over” is Chris’ first solo release since “Millionaire,” which dropped in April 2018. Chris’ most recent album was 2017’s From A Room: Volume 2. Chris collaborated with Pink for 2019’s “Love Me Anyway.” He teamed with Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars for 2019’s “Blow.”

Listen to “Starting Over” below.

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