Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood Celebrate the Best 15 Years

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood Celebrate the Best 15 Years

Happy Anniversary to Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood as their celebrate 15 years of marriage, which Garth describes as “The best 15 years of my life.” He added “This is the second 15 years of our life. That’s the crazy thing,” pointing out the first phase of their relationship, “We met in ’87, ’88…got married in 2005. So, we went through the first phase as friends…and then the first 15 years as husband and wife.”

Trisha thinks it was that first phase, that makes her relationship with Garth so successful, “We have a friendship that’s a great base for all of it. And we made a really conscious effort when we got married, to not be together to be apart. It wasn’t okay to just go, ‘We’re married now; we’re just still going to do our own thing.’ So that meant that we make those decisions together when we married. And we’re together! I mean, 99-percent of the time we’re together. We don’t spend very many nights apart at all. And I think that’s a big part of it. And we actually enjoy each other’s company, which is nice.”

Garth agrees. He thinks that the time spent working on the friendship is the secret to their successful “celebrity” marriage, “just want to be wherever she’s at. Love breathing the same air she’s breathing, whether we’re doing the same thing or not. But this is a celebrity thing. We’ve seen them all come and go. So every day, you put in. The difference is…I don’t have to remember to put in that time. It’s an honor to put in that time. And it’s something that just comes naturally.”

The two are paired personally and professionally as they once again teamed up for a powerhouse duet on “Shallow,” which can be found on Garth’s new album, Fun. Garth and Trisha have also made their mark in 2020 by suppling fans with “by request” concerts, both during Garth’s weekly Studio G sessions on Facebook Live and also on CBS TV, where they have a holiday themed one coming up December 20th, called Garth and Trisha Live! A Holiday Concert Event (CBS, 8:30pm ET/8:00pm PT).

As with the other “by request” events, the secret ingredient is the fans! Garth and Trisha are requesting your requests! You can submit your holiday song choices via their socials, using the hashtag #GarthandTrishaLive, or on his website, where the two plan to post a “sneak peek” of what they’re working on sometime soon!

After tying the knot on December 10th 2005, and everything that has come since, what does Garth think about the next phase of his friendship/marriage with Trisha, “I’m going to put all of my money that the third 15 years is going to be the best 15 years of my life.”

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Thomas Rhett Will Never Take Touring for Granted

Thomas Rhett Will Never Take Touring for Granted

Thomas Rhett is ready to hit the road and Bring The Bar To You in 2022!

Starting in June, Thomas will kick-off his Bring The Bar To You tour with back to back shows in Gilford, New Hampshire with openers Parker McCollum and Conner Smith.

After going through the last two years, Thomas says, “I’ll never take for granted being able to come see y’all and I’m so fired up to play some of these new ones that were made with these nights in mind. I have a feeling things are going to get loud – I’m counting down the days already!”

Photo Courtesy of Thomas Rhett