Tenille Arts Thinks It’s Hard To Love Without Limits

Tenille Arts Thinks It’s Hard To Love Without Limits

In her song “Somebody Like That” Tenille Arts sings “the real thing won’t be easy, it may take a while,” which she says has some truth in it, “It’s very hard to love without limits, because I think if you are hurt in the past by certain things, you immediately put up a wall or…for me in a new relationship it always takes me a minute to be like ‘Why do I feel that way? Oh yeah, it’s because this happened in the past.'”

Tenille says it’s not just about dealing with your past when you’re in a relationship, but it’s also working through the other person’s as well, “It’s also trying to figure out, why does that person feel that way. If they get upset about something, you have to dive in past and be like ‘Oh, this is why they feel that way.'”

When pasts collide, Tenille admits, “I think that does put up kind of barriers in everybody.”

“Somebody Like That” lists all the things that can go wrong with love, but then pivots to the promise of uncompromising love, Tenille says “Hopefully you find somebody who can just knock all of those barriers down.”

Check out Tenille’s Top 20 hit “Somebody Like That.”

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Brian Kelley Finds A Solo Home

Brian Kelley Finds A Solo Home

Earlier this year Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard announced that while Florida Georgia Line would continue, both guys would also be venturing out to do their own musical projects. As their FGL song “Long Live” is knocking on the door to number-1, Tyler is also climbing the chart with Tim McGraw and their duet “Undivided.”

Now, Brian is giving fans a taste of what’s to come with his solo project – he shared, “There’s a new kind of cowboy in town…who’s ready to ride this wave? Can’t wait for y’all to hear this new music.”

Brian also made some news in announcing that he’s partnering with Warner Music Nashville when it comes to any future solo projects he has, “I couldn’t be more grateful for everyone who has helped me on my journey to get here. I’m humbled to team up with Warner Music Nashville to take the music I’ve been dreamin’ and schemin’ up to the next level. This is just the beginning of a whole new adventure. My vision for what’s next is a vibe and state of mind – get ready to ride the wave with ya Beach Cowboy, y’all!”

Photo Credit: Ben Christensen