Luke Bryan Returns with American Idol, this Sunday

Luke Bryan Returns with American Idol, this Sunday

Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie are back in their American Idol judges chairs starting this Sunday, February 14th to find the next group of entertainers that will skyrocket to stardom!

Luke is very excited to be back, especially how last season ended due to social distancing, “To have the fourth season of American Idol and to certainly end the third season virtually, and now we can roll in and we’re back in front of the kids for live auditions, and being in the room with an extremely talented artist and singer is really, really powerful.”

Luke says there a different energy being there live as opposed to being just on a screen, “You don’t want those moments virtually. I was so thankful that the show with a way to get us in front of the kids, and certainly, we followed all the COVID protocols, and it was amazing watching everyone at American Idol come together, and it was really special watching the kids show up. The way we even did auditions, virtual auditions, made it easier for kids that may not have submitted their auditions. I feel like it helped us find new talent that we wouldn’t have found otherwise.”

And when it comes to someone having the “right stuff,” Luke shares some of the key ingredients needed to find success on the show, “To be an American Idol, you’ve got to have the star factor, the sparkle in your eye. You’ve got to control the room. Own the room. Own the moment. It’s got to be God given. It’s got to be God given talent. But you also have to work really, really hard for it and you have to learn how to fight. I’m yet to learn how to navigate this competition. But if you don’t come in there with that idol factor, that star quality that makes me and Lionel and Katy just light up. When you walk in the room, you’re gonna have. You’re gonna have a little bit of trouble being the next American Idol.”

There’s already someone who stands out in Luke’s eyes as having that “star factor” — it’s 17-year old Alex Miller.

Luke shared an early preview of Alex’s story and audition with the comment “I couldn’t help myself but sing with Alex Miller, and it sure was fun. Look out Grand Ole Opry! Watch us now before it airs on American Idol this Sunday night.”

Check out the American Idol preview right here…

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Brian Kelley Finds A Solo Home

Brian Kelley Finds A Solo Home

Earlier this year Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard announced that while Florida Georgia Line would continue, both guys would also be venturing out to do their own musical projects. As their FGL song “Long Live” is knocking on the door to number-1, Tyler is also climbing the chart with Tim McGraw and their duet “Undivided.”

Now, Brian is giving fans a taste of what’s to come with his solo project – he shared, “There’s a new kind of cowboy in town…who’s ready to ride this wave? Can’t wait for y’all to hear this new music.”

Brian also made some news in announcing that he’s partnering with Warner Music Nashville when it comes to any future solo projects he has, “I couldn’t be more grateful for everyone who has helped me on my journey to get here. I’m humbled to team up with Warner Music Nashville to take the music I’ve been dreamin’ and schemin’ up to the next level. This is just the beginning of a whole new adventure. My vision for what’s next is a vibe and state of mind – get ready to ride the wave with ya Beach Cowboy, y’all!”

Photo Credit: Ben Christensen