Granger Smith Stars With His Wife In Music Video for “Hate You Like I Love You”

Granger Smith Stars With His Wife In Music Video for “Hate You Like I Love You”

Granger Smith‘s music video for this his new song “Hate You Like I Love You” has a very special guest star — his wife Amber Bartlett.

Posting this picture from the video shoot Granger said, “Here’s a good representation of our marriage. Me beat up, tired, ripped, bloody and burned. Amber flawless and composed.”

Talking about the song, Granger shares, “‘Hate You Like I Love You’ is one of the songs I’m really, really excited about and have been ever since the day I wrote it. I was on the bus in 2019 with some good buddies of mine and I brought up the scenario to them that really intrigued me. I said ‘Hey. What is the opposite of love?’ and they all quickly answered, ‘Well, hate of course.’ Nope. The opposite of love is indifference. Like complete apathy. Like ‘I don’t care.’ And actually, hate is a close relative of love. I mean it takes the same passion, the same extreme emotional effort to hate as it does to love. So, what if I wrote this song about the fellow who is hopelessly in love with this girl that he can’t have. And what if he’s trying everything he can do to make that leap of his love and turn it into hate. And that should be easy right? You would think. Well we discussed it for a bit on the bus and then the lyrics and the melody came quick “

That conflict of love and hate is represented well in the video for the song “Hate You Like I Love You” — which you can check out right here — starring Ganger and his wife Amber.

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