Joey Hendricks Finds A Place In Music City Thanks to Willie Nelson and Kacey Musgraves

Joey Hendricks Finds A Place In Music City Thanks to Willie Nelson and Kacey Musgraves

The debut EP from Joey Hendricks, Between the Clouds, is available now!

Featuring 5 songs, including his single “Hollywood,” Joey shares the story behind the project’s title, “I named the EP ‘Between The Clouds’ because writing these songs have been little moments of clarity and light in between a lot of confusion and anxiety that I’ve dealt with over the years.”

Raised in Washington state, Joey credits his early influences of Neil Young and James Taylor for instilling in him a love of the singer/songwriter. Exposed to classic rock by his dad, with music from The Doors, The Beatles, and Led Zeppelin among others, and then being inspired to start playing the guitar by John Mayer – it wasn’t until his junior of High School when he discovered country music through the songs of Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash.

With that eclectic mix of musical genres in his background, Joey wondered if he’d find a place in Music City…but that’s when Kacey Musgraves, Chris Stapleton, and Brothers Osborne gave him hope.

Joey says, “At the same time that I was kind of going through the whole Willie Nelson catalog, and Johnny Cash and whatnot, I remember that’s when Kacey Musgraves’ first record came out, Same Trailer, Different Park, and that was game changing for me. I was like this is a new version of the old stuff, that I’m listening to right now. Then Chris Stapleton’s Traveler came out, and Brother’s Osborne’s first album came out…and just like a lot of that stuff, and I remember just falling in love with this new kind of sound that was coming out of Nashville, and it kind of made me feel like maybe this kids from the Pacific North-West could go to Nashville and actually fit in there.”

It was a few years after graduating from High School that Joey made the jump from Anacortes, Washington to Nashville, Tennessee with the thought of being a songwriter. It wasn’t long before he started lending his own vocals to the lyrics he wrote.

After getting signed to a record deal last summer, now his debut EP, Between The Clouds, is out.

One of the five tracks on the project is his current single, Joey shares the story behind the song, “‘Hollywood’ is a song that I wrote with my good buddies Michael Whitworth and Danny Ross. We had written a bunch of songs for the project and as I was going through them I realized that I didn’t really have a love song and I remember Michael had this title in his phone called ‘All the Drugs in Hollywood’ and it just kinda turned into this fun challenge of how to turn that into a love song.”

Joey adds, “I hope these songs bring some of the same joy they’ve brought me, to others. I’m so excited to finally get to share it with people.”

You can listen to the Between the Clouds EP HERE — and you can also check out the music video for “Hollywood” from Joey Hendricks…

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