Jordan Davis Gets His “Almost Maybes” Co-Star Hannah Brown Thanks to Fans

Jordan Davis Gets His “Almost Maybes” Co-Star Hannah Brown Thanks to Fans

Jordan Davis shares a behind the scenes view of the music video for his song “Almost Maybes.” One of the first things that is revealed is how Hannah Brown came to co-star in the video.

Hannah shared that it all started with an answer she gave to an online Q&A session, “I just said how I would love to be in a music video one day…and I guess my fans, some of them reached out to Jordan.”

Jordan picks up the story, “Within hours I was getting tagged that I should have Hannah in a video. So, I just sent her a direct message on Instagram.”

Hannah concludes the story with “That’s how it all started.”

Check out more of the making of Jordan’s “Almost Maybes” video…

When it came to the video reflecting the very biographical nature of the song, Jordan says they were able to recreate some of his past, and Hannah’s as well, “This song being so kind of true to me is I’ve been able to kind of recreate those scenarios through a music video and do it in a tasteful way, not really bashing anybody, but able to recreate those relationships and the settings. So, I didn’t have the big beard (at) the time I got dumped at a Baton Rouge college bar called Bogie’s (laughs). I thought it’d be cool to just kind of go back and recreate that as real as we could, to even going back and we reached out to Bogie’s. They let us use the logo. They let us use everything, so it’s really wild to walk on set and see like, ‘Omigosh! That’s the bar in college that I spend the majority of my time at,’ and the same for Hannah. I think it’s really cool for her. It was the same thing for her. Jackie’s was her bar in college, so we were able to go and recreate that setting for her. It was a lot of fun for both of us to re-walk through those past relationships that led us to the relationships that we’re at now, you know?”

Now that you seen the making of and know the story behind it, check out Jordan Davis’ music video for “Almost Maybes” starting Hannah Brown…

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Thomas Rhett Will Never Take Touring for Granted

Thomas Rhett Will Never Take Touring for Granted

Thomas Rhett is ready to hit the road and Bring The Bar To You in 2022!

Starting in June, Thomas will kick-off his Bring The Bar To You tour with back to back shows in Gilford, New Hampshire with openers Parker McCollum and Conner Smith.

After going through the last two years, Thomas says, “I’ll never take for granted being able to come see y’all and I’m so fired up to play some of these new ones that were made with these nights in mind. I have a feeling things are going to get loud – I’m counting down the days already!”

Photo Courtesy of Thomas Rhett