Jennifer Smestad Discovers That Her Sad Song “Can’t Have Mine” Empowers Others

Jennifer Smestad Discovers That Her Sad Song “Can’t Have Mine” Empowers Others

Jennifer Smestad admits “I’m stoked for this one!” as she releases her new single “Can’t Have Mine.”

Her fans are stoked too, because in a way, they helped Jennifer pick “Can’t Have Mine” as her next song.

Jennifer says, “When we wrote ‘Can’t Have Mine’ I originally thought it was just a pretty, sad song and after posting it on TikTok I realized how empowering it is, not only for women, but anyone in a relationship.”

Jennifer explains how fans blew up her inbox with messages of how the song touched them, “I almost didn’t post a clip on it, but I decided I was like ‘Whatever, I like it. I’ll just delete it if no one likes it.’ So, I posted a one minute little clip, and I could not believe…people were like ‘I need to hear the rest of this – you need to release this now, I’m going through this.’ I started receiving  private messages of people saying that this song…already, just hearing a minute of it – empowered them, and gave them the confidence to leave a toxic relationship.” 

When that fan feedback rolled in Jennifer’s reaction was, “I had no clue that was going to happen, so of course I’m going to release this song! I have to at this point!”

After hearing from fans, and knowing what “Can’t Have Mine” means to her, Jennifer shares, “I do hope that people can relate to it…know that they’re not alone, know that they do have a voice, and that they are heard, and that they’re feeling are valid, because it really is…even though it’s a sad song and you can feel the emotions in it, it’s very empowering to to be able to say ‘Hey, I’m strong enough to leave something…or someone that doesn’t value me.”

In the end Jennifer says, “We all deserve to know our worth and that’s what this song is about. I’m excited for everyone to hear it!” 

Check out the lyric video for Jennifer Smestad’s “Can’t Have Mine” right here…

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Michael Ray Honors His Grandma Penny with a Tattoo

Michael Ray Honors His Grandma Penny with a Tattoo

When you’re getting a permanent addition to you body, you want to make sure it means something, right?

Michael Ray has several tattoos, but each one has a personal connection to his life, “All my tattoos are either family based, religious based, or music based.”

He shares the story of one of his tattoos that honors his late grandmother, “So, my grandma, Penny, she passed away a couple of years ago, and I have a tattoo memory of my grandfather, and I wanted a tattoo for her. Her nickname was Penny, and I got a penny with my Grandmother’s birth year, 1942, on the date, on the inside of my arm.”

If he could change one thing about the tattoo…it would just be WHEN he got it. Turns out Michael got it on a show day, and it being on his arm, well, Michael admits “I started playing guitar that night…for the show, and it hurt like hell.”

But even with that night of pain Michael proudly says “it’s probably my favorite tattoo.”


Photo Credit: Sean Hagwell