Dani Taylor is Spreading Positivity With Her Music – and You Can Thank Her Later

Dani Taylor is Spreading Positivity With Her Music – and You Can Thank Her Later

Dani Taylor has one important goal when it comes to her music, “I want to spread positivity and a healthier outlook on life and the future, for myself and for anyone who’s listening.” 

Dani recently released her debut EP, which features “Midnight Cowgirl,” “Kiss Me If You Can” and “You Can Thank Me Later.”

She says, “The inspiration for this EP was the closing of my first chapter here in Nashville. I have learned so much having been here for three years. I’ve learned a lot about myself as well.”

One important lesson she learned was about the kind of songs she wants to create, “I want to be happy, and I want other people to be happy, even at their lowest. I want girls, the misunderstood, the underdogs, and anyone having a bad day or breakup to listen to my music and feel more empowered. I want people to go to my music to make them feel better.”  

Dani adds, “This EP was a part of the recording project with the first three singles I released. It showcased everything I have learned and gone through when I first came here and it hints at where my journey is going next.”

When it comes to the track, “You Can Thank Me Later,” Dani shares the story behind the song, “A lot of time when I am writing, I will imagine the song as a music video. It helps me write it better. I had the hook and was so surprised that no one had written about it yet since it’s such a common saying, ‘You can hate me now, but you will thank me later.’ I had the idea of a girl going on a date with a bad guy whose no good for her. And she goes to the bathroom to fix her makeup and crying and her reflection in the mirror is like, ‘No, no.’”

Check out the lyric video for Dani Taylor’s “You Can Thank Me Later” — one of the 3 tracks on her debut EP that’s available now.

Photo Credit: Alex Berger

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