Gabby Barrett Is Good Again At Number-One for the Third Week in a Row

Gabby Barrett Is Good Again At Number-One for the Third Week in a Row

Gabby Barrett is enjoying a third week in a row in the number-one spot on the Billboard country airplay chart with “The Good Ones.”

April has turned into quite a month for her, and Gabby is blown away, “Oh my goodness, I truly cannot believe what an amazing few weeks it’s been. Winning the ACM Award for New Female Artist of the Year was such an incredible surprise! Then to top it off with ‘The Good Ones’ being number-1 at radio at the same time…and now that it’s been number-1 for 3 weeks straight…is just absolutely crazy. The way everything lined up is such a blessing to me and my family….and I am so thankful and humbled, by this, so thank you guys so much.”

Having a multi week number-one song puts Gabby in some pretty good company – Luke Combs did it earlier this year with his smash “Better Together” – and the last female artist to have 3 or more consecutive weeks in the top spot on the country music airplay chart was over a decade ago. Miranda Lambert did it with “The House That Built Me” also achieved the feat back in 2010.

Gabby knows this is not an easy task, and wants everyone to know she is very appreciative in the moment, “Thank you to the fans for loving this song. Thank you to country radio for playing it. And of course to our amazing lord Jesus above…everything good comes from his hand. And I also want to thank my very sweet husband for inspiring this song. So, thank you guys so much.”

When it comes to her husband, Cade Foehner did inspire Gabby to let the world know that she did indeed have a “good one,” “People would always come up and ask me ‘Oh, how’s your boyfriend? How’s this one?’ and I’d be ‘Oh, he’s a good one. He’s a keeper.’ So, I wanted to write a song, and kind of saying that he’s a good one, and it’s about him.”

Check out Gabby and Cade, performing the 3-time number-one song from this year’s 56th ACM Awards

Photo Credit: Robby Klein

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