Matt Stell Says That His Mom Believed In Him – Even When He Didn’t

Matt Stell Says That His Mom Believed In Him – Even When He Didn’t

Did you know that Matt Stell‘s mom had to step in as the director of his video “That Ain’t Me No More”…

Check out the behind the scenes footage…

Of course they were just having a little fun there, but in all seriousness Matt is super proud of his mom.

He shares, “I look for any chance I can to bring up my mother…she is just…really the only way to say it is a bad ass.”

Matt adds about his mom that she’s, “A really…a high performer in everything she does. She got most of a doctorate finished as a single mom. She grinded and worked and did It all with a smile on her face. She’s a state finalist barrel racer as recently as this past year. She’s really special and really believed in me in a lot of the times when I didn’t really believe in myself and it has a lot to do with why I am sitting here today.”

Sounds like mom could’ve directed the video after all!

Matt has celebrated all his success with his mom over the past couple of years, but one moment in particular stands out in his mind, “One memory that sticks out to me with my mom…there’s many…but when ‘Prayed For You’ went number-one and we got to celebrate with a number-one party I got to publicly thank her and kind of share that moment with her because she…a lot of people…but she foremost believed in me and what I was doing even sometimes when I didn’t, and that was a really special moment to share with her. And yeah, I’ll always remember that.”

In the end Matt says, “I’m proud of my mom.”

Maybe not the mom directed version — but check out Matt Stell’s music video for “That Ain’t Me No More”


Headline Photo Credit: Matthew Berinato

Additional Photo Courtesy of Matt Stell

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