Lady A Thinks Hillary Will Cry on the What A Song Can Do Tour

Lady A Thinks Hillary Will Cry on the What A Song Can Do Tour

Lady A is heading out on the road with their What A Song Can Do tour, and the trio exclaims “To say we are beyond excited for this announcement is a huge understatement.”

Charles of Lady A says, “This tour is really going to be about letting our fans know how much they mean to us and what music has done for all of us over the last year…which is the essence of the tour name. We started writing a song called ‘What A Song Can Do’ and it turned into a love-letter to our fans.” 

While Charles, Hillary and Dave will be there of course, they shared who else will be out there with them “We cannot wait to hit the road this summer on the What A Song Can Do Tour with Carly Pearce, Niko Moon and Tenille Arts!”

Lady A wants their fans to know that since they saw them last, there’s a ton of new music to play live, “Y’all come out and share this experience with us and sing along to the songs you know and love – plus, we can’t wait to share a few new ones that we’ve been working on this past year.”

Charles added, “We were lucky enough to still release new music this past year but there are songs like ‘Champagne Night’ and ‘What If I Never Get Over You’ that we haven’t been able to play live much so we know those will make for some really special moments.”

Lady A also shared that they know after the events of last year, getting back together will be an emotional experience, “We are going to soak up these moments on stage more than ever before and yes Hillary will most likely cry, ha!”

The group’s current single at country radio is sure to be a big hit on the What A Song Can Do tour – check out “Like A Lady.”

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Dustin Lynch & MacKenzie Porter talk about “Thinking ‘Bout You”

Dustin Lynch & MacKenzie Porter talk about “Thinking ‘Bout You”

Dustin Lynch recalls the exact moment during the writing of “Thinking ‘Bout You” when they thought it could work as a collaboration, “We realized, after we got to the chorus, wait a second, this is the duet moment we’ve been looking for. We can have the girl on the other end of the line, and her come in on the second verse, and now it’s a conversation. And I do think that’s why it’s so approachable and people relate to it and those phone calls can be life changing sometimes.”

As the song is knocking on the door to the number-one spot on the country music airplay chart, MacKenzie Porter shares that she and Dustin haven’t had a lot of opportunities to perform the hit song together, “The crazy part is like, we’ve actually probably sang it separately, more than we’ve sang it together, because our touring schedules are different. So then when we do get to do it together, it’s like oh yeah this is how, this is how it’s supposed to go, I’m not supposed to sing Dustin’s first verse, which I do in my own show. It just feels so natural.”

Photo Courtesy of Dustin Lynch & MacKenzie Porter