Lady A’s What A Song Can Do (Chapter One) is Available Now

Lady A’s What A Song Can Do (Chapter One) is Available Now

Lady A‘s What A Song Can Do (Chapter One) is available now!

Talking about the new collection of music, which includes their current single “Like A Lady” – Hillary Scott says, “I think it’s a continuation of what we really tried to step into on the last record…of just going back to what feels the most authentic to us. The songs that we really gravitated towards and would say are kind of the most pillars of who we are as a band from the very beginning and that this album is a very present continuation of that.”

What A Song Can Do (Chapter One) contains 7 songs, with another Chapter coming later this year.

When it comes to this new “Chapters” style of releasing music, Dave Haywood says “We’ve been doing this 15-years…putting out records traditionally every time. I think we’re looking for ways to, just kind of mix it up and let the fans have…sort of different moments.”

Bandmate Charles Kelley the experience he thinks fans will have with their new album, “I think they’ll dig in more to each chapter more. I feel like if you give someone 7 songs – they’re really going to dig in and sometimes it’s tough for them after about 6, 7, 8, songs – you’re like “Ok”

Hillary adds, “In years past, we feel like we’ve put so many songs on a full-length album – which this one will be considered a full-length album when the second chapter is released later in the Fall, but everybody is going to listen and find their favorite songs, but to me this gives you a way to really highlight and spotlight all 7 for what they are, and what they say and what they bring to this project.”

“Like A Lady” is one of the 7 tracks on What A Song Can Do (Chapter One) 

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Thomas Rhett Will Never Take Touring for Granted

Thomas Rhett Will Never Take Touring for Granted

Thomas Rhett is ready to hit the road and Bring The Bar To You in 2022!

Starting in June, Thomas will kick-off his Bring The Bar To You tour with back to back shows in Gilford, New Hampshire with openers Parker McCollum and Conner Smith.

After going through the last two years, Thomas says, “I’ll never take for granted being able to come see y’all and I’m so fired up to play some of these new ones that were made with these nights in mind. I have a feeling things are going to get loud – I’m counting down the days already!”

Photo Courtesy of Thomas Rhett