Luke Combs Takes Care of His Parents Forever After All

Luke Combs Takes Care of His Parents Forever After All

Luke Combs has “been on one hell of a redneck roll” for several years now.

He’s been cranking out one massive hit after another – in fact he’s just coming off a 6-week run at number-one on the Billboard Country Airplay Chart with “Forever After All.”

All that success has been great for Luke – and his parents. He makes no secret of the close relationship he has with his mom and dad, so when the opportunity came to make things a little easier for them…Luke took it, “I helped both of my parents retire, which has been a really amazing experience…and that decision was solely predicated off being able to spend more time with my parents as they get older, and watching that happen has been not only a joy for me, but a great way for them to have the financial freedom and the ability to come out and experience some of these awesome things that I get to do, you know, right by my side. Which I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

So, along with any country music trophies he wins, Luke will always have the “Best Son In The World” award from his parents.

Luke’s follow single to “Forever After All” will be “Cold As You” – which you can check out a special acoustic version of the track here…

Photo Credit: Zack Massey

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Ashley McBryde Packs It All For Her Tour

Ashley McBryde Packs It All For Her Tour

Ashley McBryde’s This Town Talks tour gets rolling next month in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Then for the next 7 months she’ll be crisscrossing this nation playing shows from Georgia to Montana and everywhere in between.

So, with all that travel, and different locations, packing for a tour can present some challenges. Ashley shares one basic piece of advice when it comes to preparing for the road, “At first, learning how to pack for on tour…I really didn’t do a good job. I guess maybe I thought I was leaving for summer camp. So, I would spend a couple of weeks where I overpacked, and a couple of weeks where I under packed. Just let me tell you…if you have to choose between the two – overpack. You can put those clothes away when you get back.”


Photo Credit: Daniel Meigs