Travis Denning’s Dirt Road Down is Available Now

Travis Denning’s Dirt Road Down is Available Now

Travis Denning‘s 6-song EP Dirt Road Down is available now!

When it came to naming the EP, Travis shares, “I think the reason we picked Dirt Road Down as the title of the EP was it looked great standing on its own – that could be the easy answer – but I just loved the encompassing feeling of Dirt Road Down. It sounds like, the same way the song approaches it so many different ways, to me it’s like another dirt road down.”

Travis says “I like to think of every EP and every song as just another piece, another page, another chapter of just the stories I want to tell and little bits and pieces of my career, and ultimately when it’s strung together, it’s just the path of my career. That path…probably, without sounding too cheesy, it has to be a dirt road.”

Dirt Road Down – track list;

1. “Call It Country” (Travis Denning, Jessi Alexander, Chris Stevens)
2.  “Dirt Road Down” (Travis Denning, Taylor Phillips, Cole Taylor, Will Weatherly)
3.  “Jack And Coke” (Travis Denning, CJ Solar, Chris Stevens)
4.  “Grew Up With A Truck” (Travis Denning)
5.  “I Went Fishin’” (Travis Denning, Thomas Archer, James McNair)
6.  “ABBY” (Alternate Version) (Ashley Gorley, Matt Jenkins, Chase McGill)

With releasing Dirt Road Down, Travis is doing something that he couldn’t do at all last year…he released new music, and now he’s getting to bring it to the fans in concert. Sounds simple enough, but after the 2020 shutdown, Travis realizes now that he missed the concert experience more than he thought he did, “I am not gonna lie to you, I missed it pretty bad last year. And I didn’t realize how much I missed it until we finally got back on the road, you know? I missed the things that come along with the life of traveling and I miss touring and meeting new people. I miss going to my favorite cities. All that combined with new music, new songs. I mean it’s just a perfect scenario and I’m super happy.”

Fans are getting to hear Travis’ current single “Jack and Coke” live – but they can also see the music video right here…

Photo Courtesy of UMG Nashville

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Scotty McCreery is Looking Forward to Getting His Same Truck Tour Going

Scotty McCreery is Looking Forward to Getting His Same Truck Tour Going

What is Scotty McCreery looking forward to the most in 2022?


Scotty shares, “Yeah, starting off January 20th in Raleigh, we are starting the Same Truck tour. Excited about that, play the whole album top to bottom, try it out on the fans, see what their thinking. So I’m excited to hit the road and kick of the year in a great way.”

Fans will be looking to hear his number-one song “You Time” and his current single “Damn Strait” on the Same Truck tour.

Photo Credit: Jeff Ray