Niko Moon’s Debut Album, Good Time, Has Been a Labor of Love – and It’s Available Now

Niko Moon’s Debut Album, Good Time, Has Been a Labor of Love – and It’s Available Now

Niko Moon‘s debut album Good Time is available now!

As the album dropped at midnight, Niko did a little late-night celebrating, “I can’t believe my first album is here! I hope y’all are celebrating just as hard as we are”

Niko is celebrating because making his debut album was truly a labor of love that started with his wife, Anna Moon, in 2019, “It’s such a good feeling man, I’ve spent over two years working on this album. You know, me and my wife wrote all the songs on the album except for the last one which is a cover of ‘Great Day To Be Alive’ by Travis Tritt. You know, we made it in my studio in my house and it is truly is like from my family to y’all so I wanted to make an album that was just feel good music from the first song of last one and I hope everybody enjoys it.”

Good Time includes the title track, “No Sad Songs” – Niko’s current single, and this track, “Paradise To Me”

Good Time track list;
1. “NO SAD SONGS” (Niko Moon/Anna Moon/Joshua Murty/Steven Lee Olsen/Alysa Vanderheym)
2. “WAY BACK” (Niko Moon/Anna Moon/Joshua Murty)
3. “PARADISE TO ME” (Niko Moon/Anna Moon/Joshua Murty)
4. “LAST CALL” (Niko Moon/Anna Moon/Joshua Murty)
5. “DANCE WITH ME” (Niko Moon/Anna Moon/Joshua Murty)
6. “GOOD TIME” (Niko Moon/Jordan Minton/Anna Moon/Joshua Murty/Mark Trussell)
7. “LET IT RIDE” (Niko Moon/Anna Moon/Joshua Murty)
8. “SHE AIN’T YOU” (Niko Moon/Anna Moon/Joshua Murty)
9. “SMALL TOWN STATE OF MIND” (Niko Moon/Anna Moon/Joshua Murty)
10. “GOOD AT LOVING YOU” (Niko Moon/Blake Bollinger/Anna Moon/Joshua Murty)
11. “WITHOUT SAYIN A WORD” (Niko Moon/Anna Moon/Joshua Murty)
12. “DRUNK OVER YOU” (Niko Moon/Anna Moon/Joshua Murty)
13. “DIAMOND” (Niko Moon/Anna Moon/Joshua Murty)
14. “IT’S A GREAT DAY TO BE ALIVE” (Darrell Scott)
Produced by Joshua Murty and Niko Moon

For Niko Moon, 2021 has seen him have a number-one song with “Good Time,” head out with Lady A on the What A Song Can Do tour, and now his debut album is available for fans…Niko says this year, for him, truly has been a good time, “I mean it’s unbelievable I’m just feeling so grateful so blessed all I’ve ever wanted to do is just make country music and make people happy and I feel like I’m doing that right now and it’s such a good feeling.”

Talking about his current single at country radio, Niko says, “‘No Sad Songs’ is all about having fun. As we all know, life can be stressful at times and this song right here is all about putting that to the side for a minute and just enjoying life and having fun.”

Niko Moon’s album Good Time is available now…

Photo Credit: Matthew Berinato

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