Carly Pearce Shares More of Her Story with 29: Written In Stone – Available now

Carly Pearce Shares More of Her Story with 29: Written In Stone – Available now

Carly Pearce‘s album 29: Written In Stone is available now!

Talking about her new album, Carly says, “This project means so much to me on so many different levels. Number one it’s the first time that I’ve written all of the songs and penned every single story myself. You know, losing busbee (producer) was such a career moment for me of trying to figure out what am I gonna do next. And I feel like what this first set of seven songs has done for me is really open the door to the kind of country music that I always wanted to make, the kind of country music that I grew up on in Kentucky and the kind of country music that I’ll make forever.”

That first set of 7 songs came out earlier this year, as a collection called 29 – which is now nominated for CMA Album Of The Year.

When she first started writing the songs for 29, Carly wasn’t sure what it would become – but after working through those first tracks, Carly knew she had more to share. “I don’t think I really knew even what I was writing when I started. I think that I knew I had to get some things off my chest, and never thought that people would connect with it as they did. But as they were connecting and as my career was kind of taking off, I felt so inspired to keep going, and I think they finish out this chapter of my life. I think they finish out what the year 29 was for me. It was a really defining year for not only myself personally, but also for my music. And I think that seeing the reaction of the first seven, I felt so inspired in the midst of that to keep going and to keep writing until I felt like it was finished, and now I feel like I can close that chapter.”

29: Written In Stone track list;
1. “Diamondback” | Carly Pearce, Kelsea BalleriniTofer BrownShane McAnally
2. “What He Didn’t Do” | Carly Pearce, Ashley GorleyEmily Shackelton
3. “Easy Going” | Carly Pearce, Natalie HembyJosh Osborne
4. “Dear Miss Loretta” (featuring Patty Loveless) | Carly Pearce, Brandy Clark, Shane McAnally
5. “Next Girl” | Carly Pearce, Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne
6. “Should’ve Known Better” | Carly Pearce, Jordan Reynolds, Emily Shackelton
7. “29” | Carly Pearce, Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne
8. “Never Wanted To Be That Girl” (featuring Ashley McBryde) | Carly Pearce, Shane McAnally, Ashley McBryde
9. “Your Drinkin’, My Problem” | Carly Pearce, Nicolle GalyonSasha SloanBen West
10. “Liability” | Carly Pearce, Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne
11. “Messy” | Carly Pearce, Sarah Buxton, Jimmy Robbins
12. “Show Me Around” | Carly Pearce, Emily Shackelton, Ben West 
13. “Day One” | Carly Pearce, Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne, Matthew Ramsey
14. “All The Whiskey In The World” | Carly Pearce, Jordan Terry Minton, Jordan Reynolds, Emily Shackelton
15. “Mean It This Time” | Carly Pearce, Jordan Terry Minton, Jordan Reynolds, Emily Shackelton

Carly says that as you listen to the 15-tracks on 29: Written In Stone, you can almost hear a musical roadmap of the direction her life has gone in, “As I look at these 15 songs that I wrote, I feel like you can very much hear the different stages of…kind of where I was at each moment, and ultimately seeing that I got out on the other side better.”

Carly knows that while this is her story, she couldn’t have completed this musical journey alone, “To the incredible songwriters, producers and musicians who helped bring this project to life… thank you for helping me find my way and make the album I moved to Nashville to make. It’s truly an honor and a dream come true to have had the chance to collaborate with y’all.”

29: Written in Stone from Carly Pearce is available now and it includes her duet with Ashley McBryde, “Never Wanted To Be That Girl”


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