Old Dominion’s Time, Tequila, & Therapy is Available Now

Old Dominion’s Time, Tequila, & Therapy is Available Now

Old Dominion‘s new album, Time, Tequila & Therapy is available now.

Old Dominion’s lead singer Matthew Ramsey shares the story of how the guys ended up getting out of Nashville last year to see what they could come up with music wise…never intending to create a whole album, “Our new album ‘Time, Tequila, and Therapy’ was written and recorded all in a three week span in Asheville, North Carolina during the height of the pandemic lockdown. We decided to create our own little Old Dominion bubble, go out there with no plan, no songs whatsoever and just see what we can do in the moment. So we really didn’t really put much pressure on ourselves to make a whole album we were aiming for, hopefully four or five good songs, but we wound up making a whole album. It was really a dream scenario.”

When it comes to the title of the album, Trevor Rosen of Old Dominion shares that getting together when they did last year was a bit of therapy for the band, “Yeah, I think that’s exactly it, and that’s not to say that every song lyrically is about therapy or anything like that but I think the process of not being able to do it for so long and then getting back out there and get the chance to do it again was definitely cathartic and therapeutic in that release the energy in that excitement all fueled that whole 3 week process.”

Time, Tequila & Therapy track list;

1.    “Why Are You Still Here”
2.    “Hawaii”
3.    “Walk On Whiskey”
4.    “All I Know About Girls”
5.    “Blue Jeans”
6.    “No Hard Feelings”
7.    “Lonely Side of Town” (feat. Gladys Knight)
8.    “I Was On A Boat That Day”
9.    “Drinking My Feelings”
10.   “Somethings The Same About You”
11.    “I Want To Live In A House With You”
12.    “Don’t Forget Me”
13.   “Ain’t Nothing Wrong With Love”

While the guys went to Ashville to create songs, but not with the intention of producing a whole album, one of the greatest surprises was the collaboration they got to do with a living legend in the world of music – Gladys Knight.

Among the 13 tracks on the new album, the Gladys Knight joins the guys on “Lonely Side Of Town.”

Matthew Ramsey jokes that they can’t even say this this collaboration is a “bucket list” item, because it’s so amazing they never thought to add it to their “bucket list,” “Ah, it’s huge man…you know, that wasn’t even close to our bucket list…I don’t think we imagined anything like that would happen it just presented itself as an amazing opportunity.”

Matthew shares the story of how Gladys came to be on the album, “She actually lives in Ashville, North Carolina we didn’t realize at the time, it’s just the stars just lined up and you know when we had the idea to bring her in on it, we had easy contact to her because the studio manager knew her and she was on board immediately so it was just kind of happened so fast and was an amazing experience to just sit there and watch her do her thing, and it was very validating. It was an amazing thing”

After Old Dominion ended up finishing their new album in Asheville, North Carolina a year ago, Trevor says that the band is very happy to finally have Time, Tequila & Therapy out for fans to listen to it, “We wrote and recorded it a year ago, so you’re always itching to get it out there and there’s been a lot of preparation going into it so you know the fact that it finally comes out is always just an amazing feeling.”

Old Dominion’s current single at country radio, “I Was On A Boat That Day”, is a Top-10 hit (and climbing)…Brad Tursi from the band shares the story behind the song, “The title is one that we’ve had for many years, we had the title the same time we were writing ‘Break Up With Him’ and it got brought up and put down over the years. And finally, when we went to Asheville to make this next batch of songs, we told the title to Shane (McAnally) and Josh (Osborne) and they loved it. So we ended up finally writing it and it’s just about, you know, a little heartbreak song about a guy who’s not really heartbroken in this particular moment cuz he’s on a boat and he’s having fun and I’ll deal with the rest tomorrow.”

Old Dominion’s Time, Tequila & Therapy is available now

Photo Credit: Mason Allen

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