Walker Hayes is “Fancy Like” in the Number-One Spot

Walker Hayes is “Fancy Like” in the Number-One Spot

Walker Hayes’ “Fancy Like” topped the country music airplay chart this week! The smash hit is from his Country Stuff EP.

Walker is very happy with the success of “Fancy Like” “I’m so good…is there such thing as too good? Like, you’re too good. That’s what’s going on with us right now I mean I can’t stop smiling”

But he does admit that the smash hit was actually a last minute addition to the Country Stuff EP, “‘Fancy Like’ snuck on there in the 4th quarter. I’m talking about like barely made it on the EP and we just loved it so much and we were like man let’s put this out.”

As the song was released…what happened next, Walker can’t take credit for, “What funny is I mean I didn’t even have the social media play drawn up all.”

Turns out – it was Walker’s daughter that first came up with the idea for creating a dance for the track, “3 days after we released the EP…my daughter said ‘Hey dad, ‘Fancy Like’ needs a dance and at that point my TikTok following was not – I mean it was decent but it wasn’t like what it is now and we just did that dance on a Sunday…had absolutely no idea what it was about to do. No clue. A week later I mean it was like the song was everywhere it was pretty insane”

The song and dance became such a viral hit, that Applebee’s used “Fancy Like” in a national ad campaign.

Oh, and fans of the Oreo Shake – you can thank Walker for it coming back to the menu.

Now with the number-one song in country music Walker says “I don’t know if I could feel any gooder (laugh). This is a it’s been an amazing week with a ‘Fancy Like’ ringing that number-one bell in country radio. We’re excited and really just dreaming big now…really talking about the future a lot and what’s coming next.”

What’s coming next – is the Fancy Like tour in 2022.

And of course, you knew there was going to be a dance, right?

Congrats to Walker Hayes on hitting number-one with “Fancy Like.”

Photo Credit: Robert Chavers

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Dustin Lynch & MacKenzie Porter talk about “Thinking ‘Bout You”

Dustin Lynch & MacKenzie Porter talk about “Thinking ‘Bout You”

Dustin Lynch recalls the exact moment during the writing of “Thinking ‘Bout You” when they thought it could work as a collaboration, “We realized, after we got to the chorus, wait a second, this is the duet moment we’ve been looking for. We can have the girl on the other end of the line, and her come in on the second verse, and now it’s a conversation. And I do think that’s why it’s so approachable and people relate to it and those phone calls can be life changing sometimes.”

As the song is knocking on the door to the number-one spot on the country music airplay chart, MacKenzie Porter shares that she and Dustin haven’t had a lot of opportunities to perform the hit song together, “The crazy part is like, we’ve actually probably sang it separately, more than we’ve sang it together, because our touring schedules are different. So then when we do get to do it together, it’s like oh yeah this is how, this is how it’s supposed to go, I’m not supposed to sing Dustin’s first verse, which I do in my own show. It just feels so natural.”

Photo Courtesy of Dustin Lynch & MacKenzie Porter