Trisha Yearwood’s Here to Help You With Your Thanksgiving Menu

Trisha Yearwood’s Here to Help You With Your Thanksgiving Menu

Looking for a little assistance with the menu for this Thanksgiving?

Trisha Yearwood is here to help!

Along with her singing career, Trisha also hosts her own cooking show, Trisha’s Southern Kitchen, and has released several cookbooks – including Trisha’s Kitchen: Easy Comfort Food For Friends And Family, which came out back in September.

When it comes to cooking for the big day, Trisha has some helpful hints, “I love to cook for Thanksgiving! It’s my favorite, because I love all the things. And I don’t mind that it takes two or three days to really get everything cooked because I figure out what I can make ahead, and that makes the day a lot easier for me. So figure out what you can make ahead. You can make your dessert. If you’re going to make pecan pie or sweet potato pie, you can totally make that two days ahead. Anything that I’m putting in my dressing – like I make cornbread…I make bread crumbs…even crushing up the saltine crackers that go in my grandma’s dressing. I do all that prep work a couple days ahead of time so that when I’m assembling that day, I don’t have to do all that. Just make it easy on yourself!”

Trisha is also here to let you know that turkey day doesn’t have to be just about the bird, “A lot of people do say, you know, ‘I make the turkey…I don’t ever know how it’s going to turn out…people eat all the sides mostly…what can I do to change it up?’ Sometimes we do ham. Usually, Garth (Brooks) likes to have ham, so we’ll usually do turkey and a ham.”

Turkey or ham, there is always one side-dish that makes the Brooks-Yearwood Thanksgiving table, “I do bacon-wrapped asparagus every year. I do that instead of green bean casserole. The sauce that I put on is like a sweet-brown sugar-soy sauce kind of vibe. But this time we did a cheese sauce, which is just classic cheese sauce that my mom used to put on broccoli. It was so good, I’m going to definitely do that this year, so I’m going to change that up a little bit.”

Trisha recently appeared on Good Morning America to share her recipe for a skillet cheddar cornbread.

Photo Courtesy of Trisha Yearwood

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